Wellcome Trust begins Research Data Support pilot


12 July 2018

Wellcome is partnering with Springer Nature to help Wellcome-funded researchers make their datasets more discoverable and available to the wider research community.

During the course of the pilot, the Wellcome Trust will cover the cost of Research Data Support for a fixed number of Wellcome-affiliated datasets. Research Data Support is a curation and deposition service from Springer Nature that makes datasets easier to find, share and cite.

As a global charitable foundation and funder of research, Wellcome is strongly committed to maximising the value of research output. Their funding policy requires data associated with research publications be made available at the point of publication.

“Wellcome is committed to working with our researchers to help them maximise the value of the data generated by the research we support – ensuring it is managed, described and shared in ways that make it easy to discover and re-use.   Our goal with this pilot is to garner researchers’ interest in and feedback on this kind of service, and its value in terms of enhancing visibility and use of the data.”

David Carr, Programme Manager, Wellcome Trust

The pilot is expected to last around six months and the service will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis. The pilot will be open to datasets associated with Wellcome-funded studies or produced by Wellcome-funded institutes. The dataset can be associated with a submission to or publication in any peer-reviewed journal, and is not limited to Springer Nature journals.

Research Data Support can help turn data management into a reality. Get in touch to discuss whether Research Data Support could benefit your institution.

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If you are a Wellcome-funded researcher and would like more information about the pilot, please visit our dedicated page.

Wellcome pilot for researchers

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