Challenging inequality

Putting a focus on research that address the diverse topics faced by women around the globe, towards the progress for equality. Also uncover stories on inspiring figures in STEM from the past and present.

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1944–1945: Ruby Payne-Scott – The First Woman Radio Astronomer

from Making Waves

Examining gender differences of social media use for activity planning and travel choices

from European Transport Research Review

Feminization of Poverty: Causes and Implications

from Gender Equality

Gender Equality in Climate Smart Agriculture: Framework, Approaches and Technologies

from Climatic Change

Gender-based differences in flood vulnerability among men and women in the char farming households of Bangladesh

from Natural Hazards

Germain and Fermat’s Last Theorem

from Sophie Germain

Post-disaster Psychosocial Capacity Building for Women in a Chinese Rural Village

from International Journal of Disaster Risk Science

Post-disaster recovery in the cyclone Aila affected coastline of Bangladesh: women’s role, challenges and opportunities

from Natural Hazards

Profiles of Women Securing the Future with TIPPSS for IoT

from Women Securing the Future with TIPPSS for IoT

Queen of Science

from Women in Early British and Irish Astronomy

The Early Days of Engineering

from Engineering Women: Re-visioning Women's Scientific Achievements and Impacts

The Fight for Educational Equality

from Engineering Women

Vulnerability Factors of Afghan Rural Women to Disasters

from International Journal of Disaster Risk Science

Women’s empowerment following disaster: a longitudinal study of social change

from Natural Hazards

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