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By: Penny Freedman, Thu Oct 27 2016
Penny Freedman

Author: Penny Freedman

In honor of Open Access Week, we are sharing five important facts about Springer Compact, an initiative that allows you to publish your open access article at no charge to yourself if your institution has a Springer Compact agreement. Read on to learn more about it.

By: Veronika Spinka

  1. Compact is a collaborative journey towards a more transparent and sustainable gold open access publishing
  2. It is a unique combination of Open Access (OA) publishing in hybrid Open Choice journals and subscription journal access on SpringerLink. In other words, Compact adds a publishing component to the Licensing Agreement and its single annual fee covers and balances the costs of publishing OA and the costs of accessing subscription content.
  3. Affiliated corresponding authors are able to publish all of their articles open access in nearly 1,700 hybrid journals at no cost to them, thus easily complying with OA mandates. In addition, library patrons have access to all contemporary journals’ content on SpringerLink.
  4. Not only do authors benefit from OA publishing advantages, but the Compact partner institutions also benefit from greater reach and impact of their research output, as OA articles benefit from broader distribution and increased visibility. On average, Compact publications achieve 54% more downloads than we would expect for the same article published under a non-open access model.
  5. Compact is on the forefront of the publishing and open access developments: The model and workflows are designed to take individual customer needs and policy requirements into consideration. The focus is on providing an easy-to-use and smooth OA publication workflow for institutions and their authors.

Going forward, Springer Nature will continue to jointly work on efficient and transparent OA publication solutions, welcoming feedback/suggestions from partner institutions.

To date, five Compact agreements have been launched that enable authors to publish OA at no cost to them. Check below to see if your institution is included in the agreement:

Penny Freedman

Author: Penny Freedman

Penny Freedman is a Marketing Manager on the Author Experience & Services team based in the New York office. She works closely on sharing insight and guidance on the benefits and services available to our editors, reviewers, and authors.

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