With Pride: Celebrating the LGBTQ+ community

Pride Month offers the chance to recognize LGBTQ+ communities worldwide, and celebrate the stories that show these communities’ resilience and diversity. Celebrated every June, Pride Month marks the ongoing struggles for equality for the LGBTQ+ community, and commemorates milestones like the Stonewall Riots — a pivotal event in the struggle for gay rights.

This page, assembled in honor of Pride Month 2024 and in support of UN Sustainable Development Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities (SDG 10), features content focused on the LGBTQ+ community. This includes interviews, curated book lists and research exploring the intersectionality of identity, the evolution of cultural norms, and the impact of legislative changes; and more. 

Global LGBTQ Health: Celebrating Pride and promoting equality

In a special blog in honour of Pride Month, Sel J. Hwahng, PhD, ScM share their thoughts about lacunas in LGBTQ research, for instance the lack of focus on older LGBTQ people. This directly influences the implementation of interventions to support middle-aged and older LGBTQ people. 

Exploring under-studied topics related to the LGBTQ community is essential to understanding the unique challenges the community faces. It also supports and informs policies and practices that advance and promote equity and inclusion for the community. 

Sel is editor of a new book series on global LGBTQ health, which addresses the lack of research examining LGBTQ health through global and comparative perspectives. LGBTQ equality requires inclusive healthcare policies and practices that recognise the disparities faced by the community. Read Sel’s full blog here to find out more.

Research curated for Pride 2024

Browse a larger list of articles and chapters across 10 subject areas. Explore more highlighted articles & chapters.

Queer in Chem: A collection of interviews from Communications Chemistry

A chemistry researcher’s life is more than just the bench, especially when you bring your whole self to the lab. To help bring issues around being an LGBTQ+ researcher in chemistry to light, Communications Chemistry has created a series called “Queer in Chem” — a collection of interviews with accomplished queer chemists.

This series showcases each researcher’s scientific interests as well as their professional experiences, fostering a deeper understanding of the rich tapestry of identities and experiences in the chemistry community. By amplifying these voices, Communications Chemistry and its editors hope to incubate a community of understanding, acceptance, and support in chemistry, and society in large. Start reading.