Seven ways the Nature portfolio supports you as an author

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By: undefined, Thu Jan 28 2021

For the last 150 years, Nature – and later the Nature-branded research journals – has championed scientific work, partnering with researchers from across the globe to bring their most significant work to the widest possible audience. Here are some of the ways the Nature portfolio empowers its authors to achieve the highest quality for their work.

  • Open research and transparency: from systematic reproducibility checks, deposition of data and code, option of protocols submission, provision of different models of peer review and thorough peer reviewer selection, we are delivering innovations in transparency, open research practices, and reproducibility. You can also use our In Review service to share your preprint and track your manuscript’s review progress.
  • Our path towards open access: the Nature Research family includes a flourishing collection of fully open access journals, both subject specific, such as Communications Biology and multidisciplinary such as Nature Communications. From 2021, every journal in the Nature Research portfolio includes an open access option for all primary research.
  • Manuscript reviews under the highest standards: Our review processes represent about half of our total investment in the journals. We are working collaboratively with authors and reviewers to deliver substantial improvements to manuscripts and enhance the potential of the research published.
  • Research that contributes to the world’s most notable advances: From the discovery of radioactive decay, to Watson and Crick’s seminal work on DNA, to Dolly the sheep and cloning, read more how our articles have played a critical role in advancing their fields and helping to address global societal challenges.
  • Maximising reach and achieving impact: we are working to ensure our authors reach the widest audience possibly with their work, through a number of means; such as which has a monthly audience of 8 million visitors, scientific journalism, reviews and commentary, podcasts, social media and engaged online communities, as well as a dedicated international press team.

  • The value our team brings to your work: More than 280 highly qualified specialist staff work on the primary research content in Nature and the Nature-branded research journals. This includes our in-house professional editors, copy editors, art illustrators, production staff, and a dedicated press team.
  • The right home for your work: Our editorial teams work with authors to find the best home for all submitted manuscripts from our wider family of journals. Moreover, our commitment to advancing research and serving the needs of the community drives us to continuously innovate by launching new journals which reflect our authors’ needs and the evolution of science.
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