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See your manuscript’s review progress with our first-of-its-kind In Review service

Our commitment to research in progress and openness inspires us to think about how to help our authors in new ways. So, together with our partners at Research Square, we’ve added a new option for you when you submit to ​​​​​​​select Springer Nature journals. This new option, called In Review, gives you insight over your manuscript’s editorial progress; even while it’s out for review.

How can you participate?

It's simple! Just select the In Review option when you submit your next article to one of the participating journals.

See the articles that are In Review—now including every BMC Series journal

Hundreds of articles are undergoing peer review on the In Review platform—now including almost every journal in the BMC Series!

With In Review you can:

  • Track the status of your manuscript, including when reviews have been received
  • Share your work with funders and others in a citeable way while it is under review, and engage the wider community in discussion to help make your article even better including through the open annotation tool. And social sharing is easy—every article page has social media buttons at the top
  • Demonstrate the integrity of your work with a transparent editorial checklist
  • Benefit from early sharing, such as more collaboration opportunities and earlier citations. 

Your peers will be able to:

  • Comment on/see emerging science in full HTML format
  • Find new discoveries with fully-indexed search
  • Note which editorial checks the manuscript has already passed
  • Gain insight into the peer review pipeline of particular manuscripts at the given journals. 

How will the peer review process differ if you opt in?

The reviews and editor communications will continue through the Editorial Manager site as usual. You can use In Review to access up to date information on where your article is in the peer review process. In addition, others will be able to follow the status of your manuscript during peer review, such as whether it is “out for review” or the number of reviewer reports received.

Your manuscript will also be posted immediately to In Review and will receive a citeable DOI. The community will be able to comment on, read, or cite your manuscript using the platform. Authors could take any substantive comments into account during the peer review process in order to strengthen their findings. 

What can you expect after opting in?

1. Opt In

When you submit your article through Editorial Manager as usual you will get the chance to opt in to In Review.

2. Editorial Checks

If you choose to opt in, your article will undergo some basic editorial checks before being sent to the In Review platform. 

3. Article Depositing

Our partners Research Square, who host this platform, will then convert it to html, assign a DOI and post it on their site under a CC-BY license. At this point, it is made public—anyone can view this version.

4. Email Notification

Once posted, you will receive a notification from Research Square to inform you that the paper is now available for viewing. This will include a link to your author dashboard, where you will be asked to create a password before logging in.

5. Dashboard Access

Your author dashboard will give you more information than is made available to readers, including a full peer review timeline, sharing functionality and an ability to suggest reviewers.

6. Real Time Updates

As your paper progresses through the editorial process, your dashboard will provide you with real time information, such as when reviewers have been invited and accepted. You can also see community comments as they come in.

7. Final Decision

If your article is rejected, all information corresponding to the journal will be removed. You are free to send the link to this version to other journals as part of a future submission. If accepted, your paper will be formally published in the journal, along with its peer review history.

Still have more questions about In Review?

If you still have questions about what In Review can do for you or how it works, read our FAQ and Terms and Conditions. 

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