Promoting your book

Promoting your book will maximize its impact, visibility, and reach. To make sure that your research findings are disseminated and your hard work is getting acknowledged, your book should be promoted through various channels and in different settings. 

Find out below how Springer Nature effectively employs marketing and promotional strategies to support your book’s visibility and expand its readership, and also what you can do yourself to promote your book. 

How Springer Nature promotes your book

To reach the greatest number and widest range of readers, Springer Nature applies an effective mix of marketing and promotion for your book. 

  • Upon publication, your book automatically gets a promotional homepage. Authors are supported on how to communicate their published book to peers and the broader community.
  • Interested in the impact of your book? The Book Performance Data, available on SpringerLink shows the book’s usage, citations and metric scores.
  • Dedicated marketing, library sales and support teams have developed a variety of eBook licensing options and closely collaborate with customers worldwide to make sure academic and corporate libraries can offer their users the best possible service. 
  • Trade sales colleagues work closely with booksellers to help further distribute your book to individual readers.
  • These individual customers will easily find your book whenever they need it through search engines—our pages are continually optimized for Google, Bing, Google Scholar and other search tools
  • Numerous well-targeted email alerts inform readers about books and related products in their selected disciplines. For example, we have initiatives in advance of conferences, in connection with open access events, related to sustainable development goals, or special sales programs.

Any Springer Nature book. Anywhere. Anytime.

Our goal is for researchers and students to find and use the books we publish—when they're looking for them; when they need them. We break down barriers between your book and your readers by publishing in print, pdf, eBook and MyCopy format.

Social media

Social media can be instrumental in promoting your book and enhancing its visibility, by engaging with potential readers, sharing book-related content, and fostering discussions within academic communities and beyond.

How Springer Nature uses social media to promote your book? 

Springer Nature maintains many social media accounts that are subject-specific and interest group focused. To keep existing and new audiences informed and engaged, we promote conferences and run special campaigns both on a discipline and product level, such as book raffles, photo contests, and product or content highlights. 

Book promotion at conferences

What could be better than showcasing your book to potential readers interested in a topic relating to your book?

Springer Nature attends significant industry exhibitions and (virtual) conferences each year. These are prime opportunities to enhance your book’s visibility directly with its target audience. To encourage engagement, we offer special discounts for conference participants, and use social media activities to enhance interest and raise awareness. 

How you can promote your book

Leverage social media

Social media offers you a direct and accessible platform to engage with wide audiences and promote your book. 

Here are our top tips, or download the tutorial for more advice and examples:

  • Connect with like-minded people and communities: Become an active and trusted member of the online communities that may help promote your publications
  • Allow for wider discovery of your content by promoting yourself, your organization, your books, chapters or articles: Share insights, personal websites, social media, blog posts, and updates on your book, foster discussions, and facilitate interactions.
  • Make it trackable: Be sure to include the book's title and either its ISBN, its DOI or a link to your book on our content platform

We encourage you to use the social media buttons on the our platforms and write posts directly on your professional and private social media accounts to share your publications with your peers and colleagues and thus maximizing the visibility of your scientific research.

SEO for discoverability

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key to discoverability. Your book’s title, the back cover, the keywords should all be optimized to make sure your book can be found. Check out important tips and instructions on how to get your SEO right

Networking and sharing

Share news of your new book with colleagues and other professional connections to increase visibility. Your institution’s communications department could also support your book promotion efforts through their channels. 

Book reviews

If someone has shown interest in reviewing your book or you have questions about the process, get in touch with our support team.