Research Data Support service

Research data refers to the collection of files that support your research project, study or publication (sometimes called datasets).

Our Research Data Support service is a curation service for any published researcher (or those who are in the process of publishing in a Springer Nature journal or book). Researchers that use the service often don't have the time, expertise or knowledge needed to:

  • Organise data in a useful way.
  • Meet funder or institutional requirements on data sharing. 
  • Get more credit and readership of their data and associated publication. 

Find out more about the benefits of sharing your research data.

As standard, datasets cost €315/£268/US$370 and we accept most file types. 

Get started 

Using our Research Data Support service is easy

  1. Fill in a 2-minute enquiry form to see if your dataset (collection of files) is eligible for the service.
  2. We can’t publish data that refer to human participants (personal data) or sensitive data (identifiable). Please remove any personal or sensitive details such as names, addresses, locations etc.
  3. Upload (drag and drop) your collection of files to our secure online repository, hosted by figshare.

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Our team of expert Research Data Editors do all the time-consuming work

  • We organise and curate your data to the highest quality and present it in a useful way that makes it easier for other researchers to understand and learn from.
  • We make your research data findable by relevant researchers in your field of study.
  • We promote your research data to the right people to encourage citations and reuse of your research further. 
  • We provide support and advice on any aspect of research data sharing that you’re not sure about.

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What happens to datasets submitted to Research Data Support?

Discover how we take your research data from desktop to curated dataset with its own metadata record and more. 




Help & FAQs

Who can use Research Data Support

Are your research data related to COVID-19?

Are your research data related to COVID-19?

Eligible Springer Nature authors can use our Research Data Support service for COVID-19 data at 50% off the standard cost. Learn more.

Funded by the Wellcome Trust?

Funded by the Wellcome Trust?

Join the Research Data Support pilot and share your research data, at no cost. Learn more.

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