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Spotlight on Infectious Diseases

By: undefined, Sun Jun 2 2019

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Infectious diseases are on the rise and they are global burden that we can no longer afford to ignore. Some have been around for years such as Malaria, whilst others are relatively young (HIV). Infectious diseases are killing millions of people a year, which makes them one of the leading causes of death worldwide. Adding to this, new diseases are emerging on a more regular basis and hitting the headlines, for example Ebola and Zika. Pair this with the rise in chronic health conditions that are weakening the population’s immune responses to fight off infections, the situation has the potential to get dire. It is perhaps for this reason that infectious diseases continue to be the mainstay of health policy at both national and global levels.

Research and development departments are eager to make scientific advances that will lead to the prevention, treatment and cures of these infectious diseases that are taking their toll on the population.

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