Roles and responsibilities

Publishing your book is a substantial undertaking, but you are not in it alone. Who are the people and teams that you will work with when preparing and publishing your book? What are the responsibilities of each? Read on to find out.

You will be in touch with various people throughout the process:


Your editor will provide feedback on the content and advise on the positioning of your book to ensure that it effectively engages your target audience.


Our project management team

supports you with the publication process from writing your manuscript to post publication.


Our production services team 

takes care of your content’s presentation and the smooth book production process, once you have submitted your manuscript.

As you might imagine, there are many steps in between, which may be new to you if you are a first-time book author. This step-by-step guide seeks to guide you through the entire publishing process, making this your one-stop shop for all your publishing needs.

The next step on your publishing journey is to learn about contracting and your rights.