Submitting your manuscript

Now that you’re ready to submit your manuscript, what happens next?

Make sure you've covered everything by downloading our submission checklist:

submission checklist
(PDF, 248.71 KB)

Before submission

Once you manuscript has been submitted, you should not send any further files without prior discussion and approval from your editor or project management team. Sending unsolicited files (i.e. files that have not been requested by us) lead to delays in your book being published. Any unsolicited files sent after the initial submission may not be accepted for publication.

Before submitting your manuscript you should complete a final check:

  • Check the table of contents to ensure that part, chapter and heading numbering are in the correct sequence, and update the chapter titles and subheadings if necessary.
  • Save each chapter or contribution, including the accompanying references, figure legends, and tables in a separate file in the original file format and give each file the first chapter author’s last name and the chapter number (e.g. Myers-Chap1). 
  • Save the original figure files separately and name them with the first chapter author’s last name, the chapter, and figure number (e.g. Myers-Fig1.1).
  • Ensure the text and figures of your manuscript are complete and final, and that the manuscript does not exceed the agreed-upon length.
  • Please ensure you have obtained all third-party permissions.
  • For edited volumes, ensure that all authors have signed their License to Publish.
  • Read our code of conduct and publishing policies.

How to use the manuscript submission portal

In order to reduce the editorial processing and reviewing times and shorten overall publication times, it is important that all manuscripts are submitted in electronic form.

Book Authors/editors will receive an email with an individual secure access link to the Springer Nature Book Manuscript Submission site. 

Upon clicking on the link to the Springer Nature Book Manuscript Submission site, you will be directed to the site and will be provided with step-by-step instructions for uploading the manuscript.

Your submission should include 3 folders:

  1. One folder/zip archive containing all source files of the final version of the manuscript (Word or LaTeX files with all the associated style files, special fonts) including figures and tables files (tif, eps, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx), additional multimedia material (if applicable) as well as the License to Publish for chapter authors (edited volumes only).
  2. One folder/zip archive containing PDF files of the final whole manuscript with all fonts embedded. For edited works, PDF files of each individual chapter are required. This is especially important if the text or figures contain special characters or unusual fonts. Please check the PDF to ensure that the text appears as it should. 
  3. One folder containing third-party permissions.

What if you are a chapter author?

If you are a chapter author, please contact your volume editor directly for instructions on how to submit your work. 

It is the job of volume editors to ensure that all chapters meet our publishing standard, conform to our author guidelines, and to offer advice to chapter authors where needed.

After submission?

  • Once you have submitted your draft manuscript, our editorial team will check the content to ensure it meets our required standard, and that we have everything we need for the next stages of the publishing process. 
  • In most cases, manuscripts and, if applicable, additional multimedia material will be sent to an external reviewer for a final clearance read. If your book is publishing in a specific series, this will likely be done by the series editor. The reviewer may recommend some changes to help improve your manuscript, which will be communicated to you by your publishing editor.
  • Once the final external and internal reviews are complete, our editorial and production teams will check your manuscript to ensure it conforms to our guidelines. We will also check that any figures and images are of a sufficient standard to be published, and that you have cleared all necessary permissions for third-party content.
  • The editorial team will also follow up with you to confirm the cover, book title, back cover copy, author bios, and unique selling points. These are important in ensuring that your book is as visible online as possible. Your publishing editor will be happy to advise on how to optimise your work for search engines. Get tips for improving SEO.
  • Once we are satisfied that we have everything we need, your manuscript will be handed over to our production team for the next stage of the publishing process.

Announcing your title to the market

Books are usually announced to the market (e.g. to the large book sellers) when they get an ISBN (an international book identifier). Upon publication, your book - no matter which imprint - will get a dedicated page on our content platform, SpringerLink.