This toolkit has been created to help you understand how other researchers view societal impact and how they’ve been successful in creating it. It’s filled with plenty of advice and insights from researcher interviews, as well as further reading resources to help you find out more about societal impact and how to create it for your own research.

You will discover:

  • What societal impact is and how important it is to researchers
  • Methods researchers use to maximize societal impact
  • How to engage and communicate for impact
  • How to evaluate societal impact, and much more

Explore our survey findings

Our survey was conducted in June 2019, with more than 9,000 active researchers responding from across a broad range of regions, career stages, subject fields and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of interest. The researchers were asked a broad range of questions related to societal impact of research – from what importance they placed on it to how they measured it. 

The results are discussed and linked to throughout the societal impact toolkit and can be explored in their entirety below.