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Services at every stage of your career

Services for Every Stage of Your Career

Our services help set research in motion throughout your career. Whether you’ve just begun to publish, are an experienced author, are ready to serve as a peer reviewer, or work as an editor you'll find support, assistance, and guidance.  Our services help strengthen the impact, speed, and quality of research. Let us help you do your best work.

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Are you ready to publish? Here's where to begin. Our services for authors will help you find the right journal, a fitting publishing model, recognition for your work, and training to master the basics. Get started with publishing your best work.

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When Your Research is Accepted

Whether it’s your first article, tenth article, or you're publishing a book, there are questions that appear along every path to publication. Our services will give you the answers and support you need. Throughout your career you'll meet and re-visit services that make editing and submission simple, publication effective, and sharing far-reaching.