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Build a Strong Editorial Board

A strong Editorial Board is made up of a broad mix of members who contribute in different ways to the success of your journal. Dependent on their areas of expertise, members may be called upon to help promote your journal within their field, peer review submissions, serve as guest editors of special issues, and contribute journal content.

Your journal’s board should be made-up of academic peers who you trust to uphold the credibility of your journal. Members should be committed to the future of your journal’s development, and its contribution to the research world. The editorial board can significantly impact your journal’s reputation.

Editorial Board Building Check List

  • Members’ expertise should cover the breadth of the journal’s scope

  • Divide the field into its major subdivisions, and ensure there is representation from each area on the Board

  • What type of articles have potential board members previously published? Invite researchers whose content would work in your journal

  • Review their peer review experience. Are they well-informed on topics related to what researchers submit to your journal?  

  • Invite big names in your journal’s field that can offer a depth of knowledge

  • Invite junior colleagues who may have new ideas and more time to share

  • Involve individuals who have a good network of contacts in the field

  • Consider people from the leading research centers in the field

  • Geographically align the members of the board where research is happening and where you want it to spread, paying careful attention to emerging regions

Expectations and Responsibilities:

  • Set clear expectations on the the level of involvement and time commitment you expect of your board members

  • Aim to spread the workload evenly, considering the strengths of your members   

  • Plan for at least one editorial board meeting per year. If it’s not possible to meet in- person determine video conferencing options

  • Discuss ideas for thematic series and guest editor assignments

  • Encourage members to sign- up for article alerts and updates from Springer Nature so that they are well informed on the journal’s latest content and publisher resources

  • Consider term limits to ensure your journal’s board does not become stagnant