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Resources for researchers: Supporting their work, finding opportunities

Being able to see global research patterns — including which institutions conduct specific research and where they allocate funding — can help you support your researchers in their work. Nature Research Intelligence’s tools can show researchers their best avenues for both great research collaborations, and funding opportunities.

This is in addition to support from services like Nature Masterclasses and Nature Careers, and support services to help with editing, language, and research promotion. Empower your research teams today.

Tools for research

Expert editing and language services

Refine your article with expert editorial and English language support.

Nature Masterclasses

Learn how to write the best possible article. Editing services can help refine it even more.

Find collaborators

Nature Masterclasses

Gain the necessary insights and skills to thrive in the world of collaboration. Discover the benefits of research collaboration and learn how to lead, participate, and network effectively.

Nature Navigator

A data-driven method to identify and explore networks of potential collaborators, making the timely task of growing collaborations simpler, faster and more effective.

Attract top talent

Nature Careers

One of the world’s premier scientific career marketplaces. Recruit the best possible team.

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