2020 was a massive year by any scale. We have gathered highlights here so you can easily find the research that will drive your next discovery. We present articles, chapters, highly cited journals and new books reflecting the year in Engineering. You can browse this page, or dive more deeply into our individual imprints.

A selection of 2020's highlighted research

Insights from the Editorial Team

Books Editorial Team, Engineering

Again, in 2020, we saw substantial growth of the number of book titles in the Intelligent Technologies and Robotics area and a stable high output in classical Engineering and Energy. Despite Covid-19 and its impact on scientific conferences the list of proceedings grew as well, helping to boost the online usage of our program.

Our 2020 highlights (to name just a few) reflect the diversity of Engineering:  bestselling textbooks in higher editions such as Computational Methods for Fluid Dynamics for Mechanical and Fundamentals of Power Electronics for Electrical Engineering. The Information & Communications area, though, is home to two recent stunners: Multimedia Big Data Computing for IoT Applications for outstanding online usage, and the brand new Springer Handbook of Optical Networks for its high quality content and technical realization (the DNA of this book series).

The number Open Access books in Engineering has more than doubled to about 30 titles in this year. Still small numbers compared to well over 1000 books overall. Nevertheless, we are on the right path.

Journals Editorial Team, Engineering

After a year as challenging as 2020, it is important that we reflect on the incredible contribution that was made by our authors, editors and referees. These people are the backbone of our Springer Nature journals and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank them for their continued support, loyalty, and hard work through such an extraordinary year. Our Engineering journals publishing team has also kept busy and we are pleased to continue to publish impactful content in our renowned titles. A notable milestone was reached by Nonlinear Dynamics which celebrated 30 years of achievement and innovation. We also welcomed some new titles into our portfolio including Archives of Civil and Mechanical Engineering, adding to an already stellar list of journals addressing structural engineering, mechanics of materials and materials science. We strive, through our journals and our global outreach, to serve the diverse, global communities of engineering research and technology.  Wherever you sit and whatever type of Engineering-related content you’re creating, there’s a Springer Nature publishing editor nearby and interested in working with you.