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The Professional and Applied Computing eBook collection enables researchers and developers to excel at every step of their academic and professional careers. Springer Nature, and its technology imprint, Apress, are committed to providing academics, programmers, developers, and business managers with the key technological information they need in their day-to-day work. 

To do this, we have built – and continue to build – the most comprehensive line of eBooks in the industry. Whether it is database management, machine learning applications or incorporating blockchain technology in their work, our books help developers and academics alike to utilize the tech tools available in the marketplace and to most efficiently do their job. We have an extensive selection of titles dedicated to web development, various programming languages, including Python and Java, Microsoft, Apple and Oracle technologies, as well as a growing list in web security. This comprehensive collection features distinctive technology lines that meet the needs of every reader --whether they are at the beginner, professional, or expert level.

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The books in this collection are of interest to academics and professionals in computing and many related fields.

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