Human Rights Day 2020

Part of the Sustainable Development Goals Programme

To honour UN Human Rights Day 2020 and the Sustainable Development Goals, we have selected titles and topical content from across Springer Nature. Read our most recent and relevant research for free and explore author insights, which discuss issues in equality, justice, and human dignity. #standup4humanrights 

Human rights are at the heart of the Sustainable Development Goals, as in the absence of human dignity we cannot drive sustainable development (United Nations). We hope that the below content will help to raise awareness, bring together researchers and other communities of people who are striving to solve grand challenges, in new partnerships and new ways of collaborating.

Featured Book Chapters

Enjoy free access to all featured book chapters until January 10, 2021. 


Urgency in Expulsion Cases Before the European Court of Human Rights and the UN-Committees: A Bird’s Eye View
from the Book Urgency and Human Rights

Human Dignity to Human Rights
from the Book Philosophical Foundation of Human Rights

Non-Discrimination, the European Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights: Who Takes the Lead? From the Book European Union as Protector and Promoter of Equality

Gender, Migration and Human Rights in the Case Law of the European Court of Human Rights from the Book Cosmopolitanism, Migration and Universal Human Rights


Unavoidable Exploitation? Conflict, Agency and Human Trafficking
from the Book Human Trafficking in Conflict

Regionalising Global Human Rights Norms in Southeast Asia: A Lesson Learned
from the Book Regionalizing Global Human Rights Norms in Southeast Asia 

Introduction: Gender, Resistance and Transnational Memories
from the Book Gender, Resistance and Transnational Memories of Violent Conflicts

Security, State Power and Citizenship: The Latin America and Caribbean Context
from the Book Citizenship on the Margins


Rights-Based Approaches to Preventing, Detecting, and Responding to Infectious Disease
from the Book Infectious Diseases in the New Millennium 

Is There a Human Right to Development?
from the Book International Development Law 

The Human Rights Framework for Establishing Social Protection Floors and Achieving Universal Health Coverage
from the Book Sustainable Development Goals and Human Rights

Judicial Independence and Accountability in the Council of Europe and the European Court of Human Rights
from the Book European Yearbook of Constitutional Law 2019


Historical Context of Governance and Human Rights in Africa
from the Book Governance, Human Rights, and Political Transformation in Africa

from the Book The Struggle for Redress

How International Human Rights Law Potentially Applies to Development NGOs in a Post-Mass Atrocity Context Working in Partnership with/as Proxies of States
from the Book Advancing International Human Rights Law Responsibilities of Development NGOs

Introduction from the Book Recognising Human Rights in Different Cultural Contexts