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Machine learning model and strategy for fast and accurate detection of leaks in water supply network
Journal of Infrastructure Preservation and Resilience
Springer 20 px © Springer Nature 2020

A take-home message from COVID-19 on urban air pollution reduction through mobility limitations and teleworking
npj urban sustainability
Nature Research 25 px © Springer Nature 2020

Implementing the urban food–water–energy nexus through urban laboratories: a systematic literature review
Sustainability Science 
Springer 20 px © Springer Nature 2020

Supply chain diversity buffers cities against food shocks
Nature Research 25 px © Springer Nature 2020

Young people and environmental affordances in urban sustainable development: insights into transport and green and public space in seven cities
Sustainable Earth
BMC Logo 20 px © Springer Nature 2020

Perspectives on urban transformation research: transformations in, of, and by cities
Urban Transformations
BMC Logo 20 px © Springer Nature 2020

Nurturing nature in a mega-city: a decadal assessment of the Beijing Olympic Forest Park
Socio-Ecological Practice Research
Springer 20 px © Springer Nature 2020

Preying on beauty? The complex social dynamics of overtourism
Journal of Economic Interaction and Coordination
Springer 20 px © Springer Nature 2020

Cycling in one of the most polluted cities in the world: Exposure to noise and air pollution and potential adverse health impacts in Delhi
International Journal of Health Geographics
BMC Logo 20 px © Springer Nature 2020

Not going to Plan: Urban Planning, Flooding, and Sustainability in Port Harcourt City, Nigeria
Urban Forum
Springer 20 px © Springer Nature 2020
Bringing sustainable urban planning down to earth through food: the experience of the food transects of Grenoble and Caen
Review of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Studies
Springer 20 px © Springer Nature 2020
Ecosystem properties in urban areas vary with habitat type and settlement age
Plant and Soil
Springer 20 px © Springer Nature 2020

A selection of articles curated by our Editors in October 2021

New Journals publishing SDG11-related research


Climate Action

A new open-access journal targeted at an audience of researchers and diverse stakeholders who are interested in mitigating hazardous effects of the global climate change.

Editor-in-Chief: Jale Tosun, University of Heidelberg, Germany

We invite you to submit your research to the journal. Climate Action offers APC waivers.

Call for Papers: Topical Collection on Ecovillages and other Community-led Initiatives as Experiences of Climate Action


Architecture, Structures and Construction

A new journal providing a hitherto nonexistent platform for nurturing the synergy of the disciplines of architecture, building and structural engineering.

Editors-in-Chief: Paulo Jorge de Sousa Cruz, University of Minho, Portugal & João Paulo Correia Rodrigues, Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil

Enjoy free access during 2021 and 2022 - an introductory offer to ensure high readership. Take a look at the first papers in the journal and submit your paper now for maximum visibility!

Call for Papers: Special Issue on Green Buildings in Architecture, Structures and Construction

Topical Collections now open for submission

Biophilic Urbanism (Sustainable Earth)

Risk Based GeoEngineering Design (Journal of Infrastructure Preservation and Resilience)

ZEMCH Interdisciplinary Design for Sustainability (SN Applied Sciences)

Suburban Health Inequality (Discover Social Science and Health)

Ecovillages & other Community-led Initiativess as Experiences of Climate Action (Climate Action)

Green Buildings in Architecture, Structures and Construction (Architecture, Structures and Construction)

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SDG 11 researchers and societal impact

New Content ItemDiscover SDG 11 researchers' attitudes towards societal impact in this downloadable infographic, part of a larger project in partnership with the Association of Universities in the Netherlands (VSNU), exploring the role of open research in accelerating progress on global societal challenges. 

Springer Nature & SDSN Conference 'Science for a Sustainable Future'

On October 8 2020, Springer Nature and the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) with its Thematic Research Network on Data and Statistics (TReNDS) hosted a virtual conference on science for a sustainable future. 

Urbanization Panel - Science for a Sustainable Future © Springer NatureThis global virtual conference brought together policymakers, government representatives, UN officials, as well as leading scientists from around the world to discuss the role of science in achieving the SDGs. 

Watch the Urbanization Panel Discussion 

...with Aromar Revi (Indian Institute for Human Settlements),
Chang Heng Chee (Lee Kuan Yew Centre for Innovative Cities, Singapore University of Technology & Design),
Luis Sáenz (Cómo Vamos Cities Network)
and Susan Parnell (Human Geography Dept., University of Bristol)

Moderated by Mark Fischetti (Scientific American)

Science and the Sustainable City Summit

T_A77353_AD040_ecocities_270x153pxSpringer Nature held the Science and the Sustainable City Summit in Singapore in July 2018. This flagship meeting, co-located with the World Cities Summit, brought together global experts to discuss and collaborate on solutions to the challenges of sustainable development in cities against the backdrop of climate change, population growth and soaring energy and water needs. 

We are pleased to be able to showcase the keynote and panel discussions here, featuring city leaders alongside solutions providers from diverse fields including planning, construction and technology, as well as experts in ecology and urban development from leading global research institutions.

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