SDG 13: Greenhouse Gases

The urgency to combat climate change and its effects has never been more pressing. The United Nations predicts that medium to large scale disasters will increase by 40%, with drought estimated to displace approximately 700 million people, all by the year 2030. Therefore the goal of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 13 is to ‘Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts’.

A large contributor to the negative impacts of climate change is Greenhouse Gases, and as the window of opportunity to mitigate these climate disasters closes in, pioneering research into the topic is of vital importance. Here you can find the best and latest research into Greenhouse Gases, featuring groundbreaking research articles, along with insightful blog posts.

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author portrats SDG13 © Springer Nature"Consensus Article Calling for Separate Indication of Short and Long-Lived Greenhouse gases in Emissions Targets

by Myles Allen

Professor of Geosystem Science in the School of Geography and the Environment and Department of Physics at the University of Oxford

author portrats SDG13 © Springer Nature"SDG 13 Climate Action: Observations made by Dr Malti Goel" by Malti Goel

President of the Climate Change Research Institute and was Senior Advisor and Scientist ‘G’ in the Ministry of Science & Technology (MST), the Government of India

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Webinar: Aviation Emissions and Climate Action


Aviation emissions account for about 2.5% of global carbon emissions, and by 2050, there share could rise to 22%. Can climate action reduce aviation emissions and what is the role of different actors?

Prof. Nives Dolšak & Prof. Aseem Prakash from Washington University discuss their recent publication in Climate ActionDifferent approaches to reducing aviation emissions

About the Webinar Series

The Climate Action Webinar Series is hosted by Heidelberg Institute for Environment (HCE), Heidelberg University & Springer Nature. The aim of this webinar series is to highlight temporary climate action issues of high public interest and to convey research findings in a succinct and accessible manner for wide audiences.

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