SDG 9: Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

Industry, innovation, and infrastructure are integral players in the drive towards a sustainable future. SDG 9 encompasses the complexities and the interconnectedness of sustainable development as a whole and provides the bedrock for success and progress in targets of the other SDGs. As a global publisher, Springer Nature is committed to SDG9 by publishing state-of-the-art content to help advance research and development in the field, and also by being an active voice, promoting an interdisciplinary evidenced-based approach to all targets and indicators within this goal.

In 2020, growth in manufacturing and other industrial sectors was adversely affected by the global pandemic. These circumstances also made evident the need for strong and resilient information and communication technology, and the need to sustain and support local businesses for sustainable economic growth. Now more than ever, we need collaborative evidence-based approaches to build up manufacturing, public infrastructure, accessible and affordable communication technology, and support for small businesses and innovation-based entrepreneurship.

Through the content we publish, we hope to play our role in not only supporting researchers and professionals in the publication and development of their work in this area, but also in enabling greater access to high-quality content to assist policy-makers, governments, and industry in making research-backed decisions to advance the international targets for SDG9.

World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development

4th March 2021

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