Past Honorees

These exceptional editors performed in the top 10% of qualifying journals* based on data collected from the Journal Author Satisfaction survey. 

Throughout the year we invite journal authors to provide feedback on their publishing experience. In 2022 we reviewed the prior year's data to identify the journals that exemplified editorial excellence. The top percentile of journals was determined by taking the mean of authors ratings of two statements from a 5 point scale: strongly disagree (1), disagree (2), neutral (3), agree (4), strongly agree (5). 

Those statements are:

  1. "The editorial advice and comments throughout the process helped to improve the paper" 
  2. "The editors managed the peer review process well" 

We thank the exceptional editors, past and present, who contributed to these achievements, as well as all of our valued journal editors and board members, for their continued dedication to advancing research. The work, commitment, and passion brought to Springer Nature journals each day is greatly appreciated. 

The top 15% of qualifying journals

More than 92% of authors that responded to the Journal Author Satisfaction survey ‘strongly agreed’ or ‘agreed’ with the statements about the editorial experience at these journals.*

43036Advances in Operator Theory

M.S. Moslehian

10961The Journal of Technology Transfer

Albert N. Link, Donald S. Siegel, James Cunningham, Silvio Vismara, Simon Mosey

13324Analysis and Mathematical Physics

Dmitry Khavinson

13661Boundary Value Problems

Kanishka Perera, Vicentiu Radulescu, Xianhua Tang


Hindrik Mulder

44202Discover Psychology

Ahmed Moustafa


Werner Dierend

12065Evolutionary Intelligence

Vincenzo Loia

12711Genetics Selection Evolution

Didier Boichard, Mario Calus, Jack Dekkers, Helene Hayes

41066Granular Computing

Shyi-Ming Chen, Witold Pedrycz

13568AMB Express

Alexander Steinbüchel

40997Iranian Journal of Science and Technology

M. R. Hematiyan

10875Journal of Clinical Immunology

Jean-Laurent Casanova, Vincent Bonagura

10836Journal of Electronic Testing

Vishwani Agrawal

13045Journal of Hematology & Oncology

Delong Liu

41Journal of Fourier Analysis and Applications

Hans G. Feichtinger

10959Journal of Theoretical Probability

James Fill

10844Journal of Intelligent Information Systems

Zbigniew Ras

40545Journal of Pharmaceutical Policy and Practice

Zaheer Babar

10950Journal of Seismology

Mariano García Fernandez

42779Journal of Ethnic Foods

Dae Young Kwon, Dai Ja Jang, Hyung-Hee Baek

40299The Asia-Pacific Education Researcher

Timothy Teo

10964Journal of Youth and Adolescence

Roger J. R. Levesque

12540Metals and Materials International

HyoungSeop Kim

10956Journal of Science Education and Technology

Karen C. Cohen, Kent J. Crippen

11258Plant Ecology

Neal Enright, William Edward Rogers

300Polar Biology

Dieter Piepenburg

42438Postdigital Science and Education

Petar Jandrić

4Nexus Network Journal

Kim Williams, Michael J. Ostwald

12119Sexuality & Culture

Roberto Refinetti


William G.Robertson

41403Transactions of the Indian National Academy of Engineering

Amit Agrawal

41182Tropical Medicine and Health

Masahiro Hashizume

10765International Journal of Thermophysics

Markos (Marc) Assael


We also thank these editors whose journals scored in the top 25%

Mathematics, Physical and Applied Sciences

  • Acta Geophysica: Eleftheria E. Papadimitriou, Theodore Karacostas, F. Ramón Zúñiga, Savka Dineva, Michael Nones, Gabriela Fernández Viejo
  • Aerosol Science and Engineering: Junji Cao, John G Watson, Rujin Huang, Li Ai
  • AI and Ethics: John MacIntyre, Larry Medsker
  • Astrophysics and Space Science: Elias Brinks
  • Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery: Martin Kaltschmitt, Hermann Hofbauer
  • Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering: Atilla Ansal
  • Carbon Letters: Yun Suk Huh
  • Carbonates and Evaporites: James W. LaMoreaux
  • Chemical Papers: Vojtech Spiwok
  • Earth Science Informatics: Hassan A. Babaie
  • Earth Systems and Environment: Mansour Almazroui, Zekâi Şen
  • Emergent Materials: Alamgir Karim
  • International Journal of Disaster Risk Science: Carlo Jaeger, Ying Li, Pei Jun Shi
  • International Journal of Earth Sciences: Ulrich Riller
  • Journal of Building Pathology and Rehabilitation: João Manuel Paço Quesado Delgado, Esequiel F. T. Mesquita, Carmen Andrade
  • Journal of Earth System Science: S Dasgupta
  • Journal of Inorganic and Organometallic Polymers and Materials: Alaa S. Abd-El-Aziz, Martel Zeldin
  • Mobile Networks and Applications: Imrich Chlamtac, Imrich Chlamtac
  • Modeling Earth Systems and Environment: Md. Nazrul Islam, Julian Aherne, Daisuke Kitazawa, Ruud J. Schotting
  • Nano Research: Jin Ren, Yadong Li, Shoushan Fan
  • Nuclear Science and Techniques: Yu-Gang Ma
  • Reaction Kinetics, Mechanisms and Catalysis: Gabor Lente
  • Science China Chemistry: Li-Jun Wan, Zhixin Wang
  • Science China Life Sciences: Kexing Hu, Xiaofeng Cao
  • Science China Physics, Mechanics & Astronomy: Yanhong Huang, XinCheng Xie

Medicine and Life Sciences

  • Acta Pharmacologica Sinica: Jian Ding
  • Aquaculture International: Gavin Burnell
  • Aquatic Ecology: Télesphore Sime-Ngando
  • Archives of Microbiology: Erko Stackebrandt
  • Biogerontology: Suresh I. S. Rattan
  • Biological Trace Element Research: Forrest H. Nielsen, John B. Vincent
  • BIOspektrum: Christine Schreiber, Brigitte Trageser, Claudia Ludy
  • Cell Discovery: Gang Pei, Dangsheng Li
  • Clinical Neuroradiology: Jens Fiehler, Gerhard Schroth, Martin Bendszus, Horst Urbach, Thomas Liebig, Claus Zimmer, Laszlo Solymosi, Timo Krings, Elke Ruth Gizewski
  • Clinical Oral Investigations: Matthias Hannig, Stefan Ruhl
  • Environmental Biology of Fishes: Margaret F. Docker
  • European Child & Adolescent Psychiatry: Pieter Hoekstra
  • Food Analytical Methods: David Rodríguez-Lázaro
  • Food and Bioprocess Technology: Da-Wen Sun
  • GeroScience: Zoltan Ungvari, Veronica Galvan
  • Gesunde Pflanzen: Karola Schorn
  • Human Cell: Hiroaki Kataoka
  • In Vitro Cellular & Developmental Biology - Plant: Yong Eui Choi, David D. Songstad
  • Indian Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery: O.P. Yadava
  • International Journal of Peptide Research and Therapeutics: Fernando Albericio, John D. Wade
  • Journal of Applied Phycology: Michael Borowitzka
  • Journal of Perinatology: Patrick Gallagher
  • Journal of Plant Diseases and Protection: Falko Feldmann, Gerd Stammler
  • Medical Oncology: Kenneth J. Pienta
  • Molecular Biology Reports: Jonathan Brody, Katrin Paeschke
  • Neurochemical Research: Arne Schousboe
  • New Forests: Douglass F. Jacobs
  • Oral Radiology: Shumei Murakami
  • Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture (PCTOC): Sergio J. Ochatt
  • Plant Foods for Human Nutrition: Octavio Paredes-López
  • Planta: Dorothea Bartels, Anastasios Melis
  • Primates: Masayuki Nakamichi
  • Sleep and Biological Rhythms: Kazuo Chin
  • The AAPS Journal: Ho-Leung Fung
  • Zoomorphology: Alexandra Kerbl

Humanities and Social Sciences

  • AIDS and Behavior: Seth Kalichman
  • Asia Pacific Journal of Management: Liqun Wei, Chinmay Pattnaik
  • Educational Studies in Mathematics: David Wagner, Susanne Prediger
  • Electronic Commerce Research: J. Christopher Westland
  • Global Social Welfare: Mary McKay, Fred M. Ssewamala
  • Journal of Global Entrepreneurship Research: Nezameddin Faghih
  • Journal of International Business Studies: Anne Hoekman, Rosalie L. Tung
  • Journal of Public Health: Joachim Kugler
  • Journal of the Knowledge Economy: Elias G. Carayannis
  • Reading and Writing: R. Malatesha Joshi
  • Review of Managerial Science: Wolfgang Kürsten, Ralf Ewert
  • Review of Managerial Science: Sascha Kraus
  • Trends in Psychology: Giuseppina Marsico, Angelo Brandelli Costa

Open Access

  • Acta Neuropathologica Communications: Jason T. Huse, Jeroen Hoozemans
  • Chemical and Biological Technologies in Agriculture: Alessandro Piccolo
  • Discover Food: Charis M. Galanakis
  • Discover Nano: Jiang Wu, Yu-Lun Chueh
  • Egyptian Rheumatology and Rehabilitation: Sahar Ganeb, Mona Mansour
  • Environmental Systems Research: Guohe Huang, Bing Chen
  • Heritage Science: Richard Brereton
  • Journal of Inequalities and Applications: Shusen Ding, Song Wang, Arpad Baricz

*Qualifying Criteria: Only journals with an external editorial board that receive ten or more responses from published corresponding authors in 2022 were considered in the analysis. The journal also had to receive an overall satisfaction score of or over the mean average for the year. From this selection of journals the top performing journals were chosen based on their mean score for the two statements “The editorial advice and comments throughout the process helped to improve the paper" and "The editors managed the peer review process well", asked about on a 5 point scale: strongly disagree (1), disagree (2), neutral (3), agree (4), strongly agree (5).