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Track your usage statistics, analyze your ROI, improve discoverability and amend your account details.

Welcome to our designated space for account administrators and information managers.

Our Account Admin pages provide resources and information around the combined account management platform, usage statistics, content discovery, MARC records and more. These tools facilitate and ease the process of tracking your usage statistics, analyzing your ROI, improving discoverability and amending your account details.

Our dedicated Account Development team offers one-on-one support exploring these tools, supplying insights on your account and increasing visibility of your Springer Nature product portfolio. 

Your Springer Nature administrator tool

​​​​​​​The Librarian Portal was developed in order to provide administrators with a simple solution for managing users, accessing title lists and monitoring usage statistics across both SpringerLink and licensed content. 

Access the Springer Nature Librarian Portal at:


What our customers say

 The prestige of Springer’s journals, the relevance of the articles and the return on investment are the key reasons we chose Springer – and we’ve been a customer now for over 30 years.

 Franco Toni, Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Italy