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By: Guest contributor, Thu Oct 10 2019

Author: Guest contributor

Berlin Science Week is a celebration of all things science. The annual event unites researchers across the globe for an opportunity to collaborate across disciplines, engage with the science community, and share their ideas with the public. This year, Springer Nature is excited to participate again, including hosting Springer Nature Storytellers show: an evening where scientists will share their true, personal stories about life in research. Read on to hear some of the voices from last year's sold-out Storytellers show and to register for this year's event before it's too late.

Springer Nature Storytellers is returning to Berlin Science Week. Last year we hosted a sold-out night of food, drinks, and honest storytelling that gave voice to people at the forefront of scientific research, and we're looking forward to doing it again.

As part of the Springer Nature Sustainable Development Goals Programme and with the help of our partners at The Story Collider, five researchers from a diversity of international backgrounds will share the honest, inspirational, and surprising stories of how their personal lives intersect with the science they do. After telling their stories, the experts will sit on a moderated panel and discuss their experiences with the audience.

Listen to four of the stories from last year's show for an idea of what's to come:

Sonja Jost (inventor and CEO) on how her childhood habits of persistence and questioning the status quo brought her success when founding her Green Chemistry startup, DexLeChem:

Henrik Walter (psychiatrist, neurologist and philosopher) on how following his passion for philosophy while practicing medicine has allowed him to bridge the gap between two worlds:

Monica Dunford (experimental high-energy particle physicist) on how she used to find physics cold and boring until she got a summer job in a lab that changed everything:

Stefan Rahmstorf (professor of Physics of the Oceans at Potsdam University and co-chair of Earth System Analysis at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research) on how his newborn daughter inspired his research on climate change and sea level rise:

Click here to register for the Springer Nature Storytellers show at Berlin Science Week 2019.


Author: Guest contributor

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