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By: Penny Freedman, Thu Dec 29 2016
Penny Freedman

Author: Penny Freedman

By: Martijn Roelandse, Head of Publishing Innovation

With the year-end in sight, it’s time to draw up the scores for Bookmetrix. It has been an energizing year with many new features and developments. Probably the most popular one is the Print book report, an easy way to print a summary of the reach and impact of your books. And boy was it in demand; we had 16,000 book report requests in the first month alone!

Meanwhile we are adding more data to the platform so we can better service you in 2017. For example, book and conference series information, country and institution information, and Library of Congress codes will be added  We will soon highlight a number of new features.

For now we would like to focus on the reach and impact of the books published in 2016: 11,000 in total, from the depth and breadth of our portfolio. Some of them have been published a month ago, or yesterday, and others have been published on January 1st, 2016. Still, their impact is impressive.

More than 25% of our books already had one or more citations within a year and we had 0.91 citations on average per book. For online mentions – or altmetrics – the scores are even better. 42% of books had one or more online mentions, varying between news articles, tweets, blogs, and more. Across the 11,000 books they had on average 4.5 mentions per book.

Together these results underline that books, like journal articles, are used widely by academics. Books have been cited in other works, books are being discussed on Twitter, news sites, blogs, etc., and above all, they are being downloaded. For books published in 2016, downloads were represented by more than 5,000 times per book. Books are very much alive and used in academia.

The Impact of the Top 5 Downloaded Titles:

  1. Computer Vision – ECCV 2016 Workshops Amsterdam, The Netherlands, October 8-10 and 15-16, 2016, Proceedings, Part I
    544,155 downloads | 195 Mendeley readers | 101 online mentions | 2 citations
  2. SFPE Handbook of Fire Protection Engineering
    270,8825 downloads | 744 Mendeley readers | 10 online mentions | 19 citations
  3. Autonomous Driving: Technical, Legal and Social Aspects
    262,156 downloads | 34 Mendeley readers | 10 online mentions | 3 citations
  4. Springer Handbook of Robotics
    223,416 downloads | 109 Mendeley readers | 54 online mentions | 8 citations
  5. Computer Vision – ECCV 2016: 14th European Conference, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, October 11–14, 2016, Proceedings, Part I
    219,254 downloads | 2,338 Mendeley readers | 7 citations

If you haven’t used Bookmetrix yet, be sure to visit your book’s page and click on the Bookmetrix data on the right hand side of the page to access the full report.

Interesting in hearing more about new developments for book authors? We hope you can join us if you’re in the London area at this exciting, upcoming event for Academic Book Week 2017!

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Penny Freedman

Author: Penny Freedman

Penny Freedman is a Marketing Manager on the Author Experience & Services team based in the New York office. She works closely on sharing insight and guidance on the benefits and services available to our editors, reviewers, and authors.