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By: Penny Freedman, Thu Mar 2 2017
Penny Freedman

Author: Penny Freedman

This month’s service spotlight is on our latest offering for researchers, Recommended. Keeping up with the latest research in your field just got easier than ever before.

A closer look at Recommended

There are over 4,000 new primary research papers published every day. In a survey of users from 2015, we learned that regardless of their field of study, most researchers feel that staying up-to-date with the latest research takes a lot of hard work. Despite their best efforts to keep-up by combining journal table of contents alerts, PubMed, Twitter, and suggestions from lab peers, most researchers felt that in a typical month they probably miss relevant papers. Recommended our new, innovative service will solve this problem by suggesting relevant papers for you across all publishers based upon what you’re reading now on Springer Nature publishing sites.

How does Recommended work? 

Recommended learns what you’re interested in by analysing the last 100 papers you’ve read across SpringerLink,, and BMC. Recommended then looks for similar papers across 45,000 journals from Crossref and PubMed. This combines with data from other sources, such as Altmetric, to create a recommendation for what you should read next. The service will continually learn and improve based on what you select to read from the suggestions.

Who can use Recommended?

Anyone who has read articles from, BioMed Central, Springer Open and SpringerLink can start getting recommendations. Recommended has been in beta testing for over a year. So far users have accessed the service from over 200 countries and 70% are return visitors.

How do I get my recommendations?

Sign-up here to start receiving personalized e-mail recommendations. In addition, look out for messages that will appear on either the bottom right hand side of the screen or within the full-text of articles on any of the Springer Nature publishing sites.

Service Spotlight is a series on The Source that highlights a service and/or product that is a unique benefit of being a Springer Nature author. If there is something you would like to learn more about, feel free to get in touch with us.

Penny Freedman

Author: Penny Freedman

Penny Freedman is a Marketing Manager on the Author Experience & Services team based in the New York office. She works closely on sharing insight and guidance on the benefits and services available to our editors, reviewers, and authors.