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By: Penny Freedman, Tue Oct 16 2018
Penny Freedman

Author: Penny Freedman

We asked the Managing Editors of Springer Nature’s new journal SN Applied Sciences to tell us about the journal’s scope and their decision to work on the interdisciplinary publication.

Nathalie Jacobs and Robert Doe, Executive Publishing Editors of the journal share information on the scope and role of the journal in the research community.

How do I know if my paper is suitable for submission to SN Applied Sciences?

SN Applied Sciences covers five main disciplines, which include chemistry, earth & environmental sciences, engineering, physics, and materials. If your paper fits any of these categories in the broadest sense of the word, please feel free to submit. Learn more about the aims and scope of the journal on the homepage:

Can you explain what type of research the journal is looking for?

SN Applied Sciences is looking to publish broad multidisciplinary research papers. It welcomes Review articles as well as Short Communications. Case studies and Letters are considered by the Managing Editors. Scientists are also welcome to start their own Topical Collection of papers on hot topics and invite other scientists to contribute.

What makes SN Applied Sciences different from other interdisciplinary journals?

SN Applied Sciences is edited by a team of five Springer Nature in-house managing editors. Each editor handles the papers in his or her own discipline, as well as collaborates on interdisciplinary connectivity between submissions. The Managing Editors all have relevant scientific backgrounds; they were scientists and authors before they started to work for the journal and their experience spans academia, industry and commerce.

The Managing Editors of SN Applied Sciences share their backgrounds, what led them to their positions at SN Applied Sciences, and their aspirations for the journal.

How does your background make you fit as an editor of SN Applied Sciences?

Clifford Chuwah (Managing Editor Earth and Environmental Sciences): Prior to joining SN Applied Sciences, I was involved in multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research for over eight years in universities and research institutions.
Nastaran Ranjbar Sahraie (Managing Editor Chemistry and Materials): I am really fascinated by the idea of working with people from different disciplines with the aim of advancing knowledge or providing solutions to challenging problems. Working as a scientist and author has provided me a thorough understanding of data collection and publishing.
Amin Fatemi (Managing Editor Engineering): Being part of the scientific community as a researcher for many years and having experienced the publication process as an author and referee, I believe being a managing editor at Springer Nature takes me one step further to serve the scientific community to the best I can.
Thomas von Larcher (Managing Editor Engineering): I have broad experience in various disciplines of applied sciences. During my scientific career, I authored of a number of research articles, published a book, and acted as a reviewer too.
Elisa Collado Fregoso (Managing Editor Physics and Materials): I have broad academic experience from a number of universities and research projects and relish the opportunity to apply this experience to help foster scientific papers for us to publish.

What attracted you to working on SN Applied Sciences?

Nastaran: The fact that it is a global multidisciplinary journal.
Amin: Being part of a professional team supporting the scientific publishing workflow, providing a platform for multi-disciplinary scientific articles to find a proper host for their manuscripts.
Thomas: SN Applied Sciences is as multidisciplinary as I am. It is a high-quality journal focusing on primary research on hot topics in applied sciences. As it is a brand new journal, the first under the roof of Springer Nature, it offers sufficient management scope and decision-making for MEs.
Elisa: I have a natural preference for applied sciences as I like to see the conversion of great science into changes in technology and society. It is also very exciting to be present in the birth of such a project as a new journal. Last and not least, Springer Nature is always a synonym of quality, so what is it not to like?
Clifford: I am really fascinated by the idea of working with people from the international community and different disciplines with the aim of advancing knowledge or providing solutions to challenging problems.

What is your outlook and/or goals for the journal?

Clifford: My goal is to help make SN Applied Sciences an attractive home to publish in for scientists involved in multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research within the realm of physical sciences.
Nastaran: Building-up and promoting the reputation of the journal; publishing high quality works, and differentiating SN Applied Sciences from other multidisciplinary journals.
Amin: As this journal also covers overlapping areas of science that has been hard for scientists to find a home for, we try our best to make the journal known to the relevant scientific communities and bring in as much attention and best work pieces from around the world.
Thomas: SN Applied Sciences should become a home for sound research and strong interdisciplinary applied sciences with focus on discovering a better understanding of key processes. It should become the world’s most influential journal not only for innovative research, but also for multidisciplinary projects that cover the expertise of experiments, numerical modelling, in applied sciences.
Elisa: We would like to make the journal internationally renowned and to become a popular option for authors to consider when deciding to publish. We want to be a versatile and high quality journal in physical sciences. A high impact journal for the interdisciplinary and applied sciences.

Is your research in scope of SN Applied Sciences?

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Penny Freedman

Author: Penny Freedman

Penny Freedman is a Marketing Manager on the Author Experience & Services team based in the New York office. She works closely on sharing insight and guidance on the benefits and services available to our editors, reviewers, and authors.

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