Here’s how you can access textbooks for free during the coronavirus lockdown

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By: Lucy Frisch, Thu Apr 16 2020
Lucy Frisch

Author: Lucy Frisch

The coronavirus outbreak is having an unprecedented impact on education, putting particular strain on academics and their students. In the midst of much uncertainty and rapidly changing information, we know many educators are working to make the transition to a virtual classroom environment, finding ways to engage with students online and make sure they have the resources they need to continue their studies. To try and ease the tremendous pressure which is being put on academia right now, Springer Nature has made a range of essential textbooks from all disciplines freely available to help support students and instructors worldwide.

These days we are taking our victories wherever we can find them (usually wherever we can find a good WiFi connection!). Maybe you’re grading papers from your sofa or trying to find a quiet corner of your house to give a video lecture. You might be juggling the needs of your family members while trying to make yourself available for office hours. There is a lot to consider on a daily basis but one thing you should not be worried about is access to learning materials and information for your students.

Educational resources are critical right now for anyone trying to study, teach, or work remotely and we hope that increased access will make even one part of your day a little bit easier. You and your students are now able to access more than 500 key textbooks across Springer Nature’s eBook collection, including English and German language titles, through at least the end of July.  You can download the books from the list of titles we have made available to read on your computer or mobile device. 

If you are struggling to gain access to other content remotely, you can also find more information about how your library can make sure users are set up for remote access by visiting our site for library resources to assist with the COVID-19 pandemic

When looking at the academic semester ahead, we could never have anticipated how much the world would be collectively dealing with at this particular moment in time but we are united by the need to alter our plans and make room for flexibility in the face of uncertainty. As a trusted resource for the research community, we feel the responsibility to support you now more than ever both inside and outside the classroom.

As Springer Nature continues to make thousands of research articles on the coronavirus free to read, as well as a rapid prototype report of coronavirus research, we are also sharing tips and advice for balancing work remotely. We know this is a difficult time for the research community and we are right there with you, working remotely at kitchen tables from New York, London, Heidelberg, Dordrecht, Beijing, Tokyo, New Delhi and many other locations across the world. Education and research must carry on and we are here to help you do just that.

Click here to learn more about the textbooks we have made freely available 

Lucy Frisch

Author: Lucy Frisch

Lucy Frisch is a Senior Marketing Manager leading the Content Marketing Programmes team, based in the New York office. She has a passion for storytelling and works to humanize the research published across Springer Nature with a focus on the researcher experience.

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