Love Data Week 2020: 4 Views on Data Sharing from Early Career Researchers

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By: Guest contributor, Thu Feb 13 2020

By Isabel Roth, Marketing Manager, Research Data


Author: Guest contributor

This week is Love Data Week, which aims to raise awareness and build a community to engage on topics related to research data.

What are the key issues facing open data today? How might we solve them? What’s on the horizon for data sharing? To mark Love Data Week, we’ve brought together four blog posts from early career researchers, tackling these questions and more:

1. Oriana Genolet explores the issues facing open data and how to fix them. Read more. 

2. Anna Holderbaum asks what's on the horizon for data sharing and open science.         Read more.

3. Jazlynn Tan calls out four barriers to open data, and how these are being overcome. Read more.

4. Mi Nguyen looks at on the ethics of data sharing. Read more.

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These posts were contributed by winners of Springer Nature’s Better Science Through Better Data writing competition for early career researchers. You can find the conference collection from Better Science through Better Data on figshare, including recordings, live scribe illustrations and slides.

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Join the conversation and keep up with the latest insights on data sharing, on our Research Data Community. The community is a space for those working with research data to discuss ideas, find support, and share best practice. 

You can also read more articles from 2019's Love Data Week. Find out more.


Author: Guest contributor

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