Open Access Books: Supporting SDG 11

Open access (OA) books addressing SDG 11 can help drive policies and conversations.

SDG 11 pledges to make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.

Below you’ll find recent OA books related to SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities.

Interview with an author of an OA book related to SDG 11

Dr. Stefano Della Torre

Dr. Stefano Della Torre

Full professor of Restoration in Politecnico di Milano, Italy
Co-Editor of Innovative Models for Sustainable Development in Emerging African Countries

"Open access is a terrific booster to make academic research availableRead the interview

Featured Books

Featured German Books

Nachhaltige StadtentwicklungNachhaltige Stadtentwicklung

Die Umsetzung der Sustainable Development Goals auf kommunaler Ebene

2021-12-01 15_39_26-Hamburger Klimabericht – Wissen über Klima, Klimawandel und Auswirkungen in HambHamburger Klimabericht

Wissen über Klima, Klimawandel und Auswirkungen in Hamburg und Norddeutschland

Good reasons to publish an OA book

  • Increased visibility & discoverability
  • High quality
  • Authors retain copyright
  • Compliance with funder mandates

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