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Blue Sale in Medicine

July 1 – September 30, 2023

Savings of up to 50% off list price. Choose from nearly 700 trusted titles for medical specialists, medical residents, doctors in training, public health officials, nurses, hospital & clinic administrators & technologists, and other allied professionals.

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Oct/Nov Print Book Offer

70% Print Book Offer »Sustainable Developments

Sale period: Oct 1 – Nov 30, 2023

Save on selected print books now! Add the promo code SDG23BKS to your order to get the special price. This offer will be exclusive to our business partners and it cannot be combined with other discounts.

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Starting October 1: Scholarly Sale

Scholarly Sale—Books for Curious Minds 

October 1 – December 31, 2023! 

Save up to 50% on academic books! Choose from over 600 proven Springer & Palgrave titles in Behavioral Science, Business, Economics & Finance, History, Literature, Cultural & Media Studies, Education & Language, Law & Criminology, Politics and Social Sciences.

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