Meet us at the Japan Geoscience Union Meeting

Sunday, May 21, 2023 - Friday, May 26, 2023 - Booth number: Pub26 - Chiba

Come see the latest Geoscience books—and talk to the editors that published them. This is your chance—if you’re attending the Japan Geoscience Union Meeting—to talk one-on-one with Springer Nature editors, to see new and essential books (and hold them in your hands!), and more.

When you visit Springer Nature in our booth Pub26, you can talk to some of the most experienced editors working in scholarly publishing. These experts can answer any questions you might have and can explain the ins and outs of today’s publishing landscape, including open access (OA), what’s involved in writing and publishing a book, and more.
We welcome you to browse the full portfolio of Geoscience at Springer here. On these pages you will find more detailed information about our books, journals, and services highlighted especially for the Japan Geoscience Union Meeting.

Springer Nature's world-class imprints

Get answers from our expert editors—here’s who you will meet at our booth

You’re attending the Japan Geoscience Union Meeting because you have results to share. But what’s the best way to reach the widest appropriate audience? The Springer Nature editors who are here can help answer that question. You can take the opportunity to meet us. If you haven’t written a book before, they can give you a quick introduction to the process. And if you have, they can show you how publishing a book with Springer would be different from other publishers. They can also help answer any questions you might have about Springer journals.

Dr. Daisuke Nakajimag

Dr. Daisuke Nakajima

Publisher, Journals

Earth Sciences

Springer Nature, Tokyo, Japan

Tel: +819071803445

Paola Tetig

Paola Teti

Publishing Director, Open Access Journals

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Springer, Heidelberg, Germany

Tel: +4915155386597

Yosuke Nishidag

Yosuke Nishida

Editor, books

Earth Sciences, Geography and Environment

Springer, Tokyo, Japan

Tel: +817021737042

Jan Marguliesg

Jan Margulies

Executive Publisher, Open Access Journals

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Springer, Heidelberg, Germany

Tel: +4915168861103

Satoko Aoyagig

Satoko Aoyagi

Account Manager, Sales

Springer Nature, Tokyo, Japan

Tel: +81345338295

Publishing with Springer Nature

Every kind of article or book you might write can find it’s home here, including in fully OA books and journals. So you can see for yourself, Daisuke, Paola, Yosuke, Jan, and Satoko have hand-chosen examples that demonstrate the quality, breadth, and depth of what we publish; and also how your research might find its place here. If you already have a book idea in mind, you can discuss it directly with an experienced Publishing Editor. Find out what makes publishing your book with Springer Nature different.

The books and journals below illustrate the scope and quality of the research published here.


Encyclopedia of Geochemistry

W. M. White

Encyclopedia of Geochemistry

A Comprehensive Reference Source on the Chemistry of the Earth

  • Up-to-date coverage of the field of Geochemistry

M. Okrusch, H. E. Frimmel


An Introduction to Minerals, Rocks, and Mineral Deposits

  • Presents a translation of the classic German textbook of Mineralogy and Petrology
High-Pressure Silicates and Oxides

M. Akaogi

High-Pressure Silicates and Oxides

Phase Transition and Thermodynamics

  • Presents a comprehensive overview of high-pressure phase transitions of silicates and oxides
Geochemical Mechanics and Deep Neural Network Modeling

M. Toriumi

Geochemical Mechanics and Deep Neural Network Modeling

Applications to Earthquake Prediction

  • Combines materials sciences with deep machine learning to develop new methods for earthquake prediction testing
Surface Ruptures Associated with the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake Sequence in Southwest Japan

Y. Kumahara, H. Kaneda, H. Tsutsumi

Surface Ruptures Associated with the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake Sequence in Southwest Japan

  • Provides over 300 on-site photographs
Formation of Gold Deposits

N. Phillips

Formation of Gold Deposits

  • Addresses all gold deposits, not simply one type


Journal of Oceanography

Naoto Ebuchi

Journal of Oceanography

edited by The Oceanographic Society of Japan

  • An official Journal of The Oceanographic Society of Japan (Est. 1942)

See new and essential books and journals

When you visit our booth Pub26, you can see a selection of books and journals picked specifically for the Japan Geoscience Union Meeting. You can take the opportunity to directly see the quality of these books by personally sampling what’s in them.

Open access

Serving the global research community with openness, rigor, quality, and transparency

Open access (OA) refers to the free, immediate, online availability of research outputs such as journal articles or books, combined with the rights to use these outputs fully in the digital environment. Publishing OA expands the reach of your research, fostering greater impact, visibility and usage of your work. Studies indicate that gold OA articles achieve significantly more downloads, citations, and Altmetric attention than non-OA articles.

You may be able to publish OA, with your fees covered, through one of Springer Nature’s many OA agreements. Alternatively, you can use our free OA funding and support service to find and apply for funding to cover your article processing charges (APCs) and/or book processing charges (BPCs).

Ultimately, serving the research community means research that’s open to all. And the only way to achieve full, immediate, and sustainable OA is by prioritising gold OA.

Below you’ll find a selection of OA journals and books that our editors have chosen as of particular interest for Japan Geoscience Union Meeting.


Progress in Earth and Planetary Science Open Access

Ryuji Tada

Progress in Earth and Planetary Science

  • Presents excellent review papers and high-quality original articles
Earth, Planets and Space Open Access

Ryuji TADA, Eiji OHTANI, Yasufumi IRYU

Earth, Planets and Space

  • Gathers original articles on topics in earth and planetary sciences
Geoscience Letters Open Access

Kenji Satake

Geoscience Letters

Official Journal of the Asia Oceania Geosciences Society (AOGS)

  • Publishes original, innovative and timely research letter articles and concise reviews on studies of the Earth and its environment, the planetary and space sciences


Wadi Flash Floods Open Access

T. Sumi, S. A. Kantoush, M. Saber

Wadi Flash Floods

Challenges and Advanced Approaches for Disaster Risk Reduction

  • Presents the latest technologies and advances in flood monitoring and forecasting
Satellite Earth Observations and Their Impact on Society and Policy Open Access

M. Onoda, O. R. Young

Satellite Earth Observations and Their Impact on Society and Policy

  • Results from an unprecedented workshop bringing together an international advisory board of experts in science, policy, Earth observation, and innovative industry

Advancing your institution’s discoveries

What if you could get your researchers the tools and services they need to write and publish their work more quickly, more efficiently, and more effectively? Introducing Path to Publish from Springer Nature, a suite of tools and services your researchers can use to overcome their most common obstacles and speed bumps. These tools include everything from training and tutorials in how to write manuscripts—and even how to peer review—to online writing and collaboration tools, editing and translation services, and more.

Path to Publish includes:

  • Nature Masterclasses expert training: On-demand training which draws on the expertise of Nature Portfolio journal editors. Curriculum includes courses for each stage of the research publication process from grant writing to data management to peer review.
  • Overleaf online document tool, facilitating collaboration: Access to the most popular LaTeX-based writing and (cloud based) collaboration platform.
  • AJE writing, editing, and translation: Digital language editing services for technical and academic writing.
  • Research Square preprinting publishing services: Publication as a preprint—on the world’s fastest growing preprint platform—with a citable DOI.

These tools and services will help your researchers get their work published faster, and with more impact. Which, in turn, will get more impact for your institution and the breakthroughs it discovers.