Journal Price Lists

Below you can find the catalog & price list for all Springer Nature journals, including open access titles. These price lists apply to unlicensed subscriptions only (single/ unbundled sales). Licence agreements, whereby the majority of our sales are negotiated though licence packages, are handled separately. Licensing managers are in touch directly with customers and partners to provide information. We annually review our journal lists to ensure that our pricing remains consistent across our whole journal portfolio, and are reflective of the current climate and are sustainable in the long term. Open access articles are assessed separately and a subscription price only reflects access to subscription articles. 

We invite our customers and publishing partners to discuss their individual situation with us, and as always we remain open to working with our library partners to overcome any challenges they may have. 

Please note that in addition to the annual catalog and price release, we also publish subsequent updates as needed. Please refer to our Serials update page for the most recent changes to the catalog. For pricing of all other products or any further enquiries or support, please contact us or get in touch with your local sales representative.

2024 Springer Nature Journals Price Lists

EUR Price List
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JPY Price List
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USD Price List
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