Transfer desk satisfaction

97% of transferred authors rated our Transfer Desk as “excellent” or “good.” 

Here’s what our authors say about us—and what it could mean for you. 

We continuously survey our authors, to learn what they think, and how we can improve. What we’ve seen during 2020 is that almost all authors who accepted a transfer offer liked the service and would use it again. And even those who declined transfer offers appreciated the offer, even as they chose not to accept it. 

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all participating users for giving us their honest feedback! It helps us in recognize areas with room for improvement and provide the best service possible to you—our transfer desk community.


49,309 authors from Springer, BMC, and Palgrave

“I would definitely try to use the service of transfer desk again so that I can get a clear idea of the kind of journals where i can send my paper.” — Earth and Environmental Sciences

2020 Transfer Desk Survey

Overall Satisfaction

Survey questionResponse

Helpfulness of the Transfer Desk Editorial Submission Advisors: Excellent or Good


Declining Authors: Helpfulness of Transfer Desk Editorial Submission Advisors: Excellent or Good


Declining Authors: Transfer Desk overall rating 8 or above


What are we doing to improve?

  • Providing additional journal metrics for the journals we suggest. Including
    • Time to first decision
    • Overall author satisfaction
    • CiteScore
    • SciMago quartile
  • Offering more destination journals, so there are more choices if you accept a transfer offer
  • Working hard to better fit the journals we suggest to individual authors' needs

“I was really happy and pleased with the transfer process. I receive enthusiastic help and nice advice from the Editorial Submission Advisor. All my questions have been answered and I am very pleased with the responses.” — Mathematics

2020 Transfer Desk Survey

Improving over time

Repeat customers are perhaps the best measure of a service’s performance. Over the past year, the proportion of authors who tell us they would use the Transfer Desk again has grown.

Time of survey

Percentage rating 

likelihood 9 or 10

Q1 2020


Q2 2020


Q3 2020


Q4 2020


Q1 2021


New Content Item

“It is a good service to both authors and editors. Now a days everyone is loaded with information about a lot of journals. Deciding a suitable journal is a difficult task. When the transfer process suggests a list of journals, I am sure a lot of factors are considered for arriving at the list. Earlier, I had another paper transferred through the transfer desk and it was successful. I appreciate the thought process which lead to this transfer process. I am thankful to the Editors and executives who contribute to this transfer process and help many clueless authors like me.”  — Engineering author


* All areas we cover in the satisfaction survey are rated on a 5-point scale: poor (1), below average (2), average (3), good (4), excellent (5) or strongly disagree (1), disagree (2), neutral (3), agree (4), strongly agree (5). The survey was completed by (Number) corresponding users in 2020. 

Influencing people to transfer

We understand that transparent communication, fast communication channels and relevant information are important to you. Your feedback encourages us to continue looking for better solutions.


Percentage of users who agreed

or strongly agreed*

Helpfulness of the Transfer Desk during the process


Level of information about the transfer process before proceeding


Timeliness of responses from the Transfer Desk


“Reconfiguring a manuscript for submission to multiple journals and finding the best journal for interdisciplinary work is very time consuming, so I am very grateful for this service.” — Clinical and Health Sciences


“This was a wonderful process for me, and the person assisting me was fantastic! My likelihood of using this service again relates in part to whether my paper is accepted at the new journal (which is a great journal, but not one I had considered previously)."  — Clinical and Health Sciences