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Data Feed & API

AdisInsight helps users to stay at the forefront of research by providing the most compelling current evidence on drug treatments being developed worldwide: an integrated database of reports authored by Springer editors on drugs in development, clinical trials, drug safety, company deals and patents.

Content is sourced from information that is publicly available through journals (all publishers), conferences, media releases, company websites, internet trial registries, SEC filings and, investor pages. Commercial, biomarker, and patent content is provided through partnerships with Credit Suisse, Amplion and Think Biotech.

Some use cases, however, cannot be satisfied with the internet platform (, requiring direct access to AdisInsight content. To meet such needs, we now provide two solutions to directly access AdisInsight content: Data Feed & API.

AdisInsight Data Feed: 

  • Direct access to AdisInsight content through files transferred to the customer using secure FTP
  • Content availability: AdisInsight Drug Profiles and Trial Profiles
  • Requires its own annual subscription. Access by username/password to secure FTP folder dedicated to the subscribing organization

AdisInsight API: 

  • The AdisInsight Drug API is intended to be used by the customer to incorporate AdisInsight content into a software they have developed
  • Content availability: AdisInsight Drug Profiles
  • Requires its own annual subscription. Access by username/password to AdisInsight API

The most common of these use cases include the following: 

  • Integrating AdisInsight content into the organization’s information portal
  • Big data analysis where direct access to the content is more convenient than platform access
  • As source material and/or conformational results testing for Artificial Intelligence projects
  • As source material to support data mining activities

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