Research Strategy Data Snapshot about Immunization

A glimpse into the future of immunization research

Immunization programmes save millions of lives from preventable diseases each year. It is estimated that, thanks to accelerated development and approvals, recently developed COVID-19 vaccines, have saved at least 750,000 lives from SARS-CoV-2 in the United States and Europe alone.

In support of World Immunization Week, Springer Nature has taken a closer look at trends in publications on vaccination research and related topics — such as widespread diseases and mRNA — between 2017 and 2021. Topics include the number of papers published, the percentage available via open access, the number of clinical trials conducted and the extent of funding. Based on this data, projections for these parameters have been made up to 2024.
The hope is that with increased interest in and funding for vaccination-related research, and improved immunization coverage globally, that many currently fatal diseases will have far less of an impact in the future. 

In our latest Research Strategy Data Snapshot "A glimpse into the future of immunization research', you will be able to explore past trends as well as predictions for the future, based on high quality trusted data. This includes: 

  • Open access coverage
  • The number of clinical trials
  • Funding trends and forecasts
  • Research and publication output
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