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In January 2021, Nature Research will launch three new titles: Nature Aging, Nature Computational Science and Nature Reviews Methods Primers. This balanced mix of journals will contribute to increasing human health spans, the development of new computational techniques, and will offer vital resources to help researchers understand and implement unfamiliar techniques and methods.

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Nature Aging

Nature Aging launches as global population aging continues to increase. The journal is highly selective and yet broad in its coverage, publishing research from across the basic biology of aging to the impact of aging on society.  

Nature Aging aims to bridge connections across aging-associated disease and publish interventions that promote a healthy lifespan.

Nature Computational Science

Nature Computational Science launches in response to increased interest and volume of literature about the connection between computer science (including scientific computing and data science), mathematics, and natural sciences.

The journal will publish across key themes of computational science, including, but not limited to cheminformatics, geoinformatics, computational models, materials science, and urban science.

Nature Reviews Methods Primers

Nature Reviews Methods Primers launches in response to increased interest in interdisciplinary research & reproducibility. 

The journal will summarize primary research into accessible Primers that outline best practices for experimentation & data analysis across the life and physical sciences. Each Primer averages 20 pages and will be accompanied by an infographic that illustrates the method.


High quality journals due to unique in-house editorial team

Due to the time needed to evaluate each manuscript, commission reviews and provide excellent author service, all Nature Research journals have professional in-house editorial teams which are entirely independent. The editors are all trained scientists, completely dedicated to championing and representing their field within the journal they work for. They retain close ties to the community, staying in touch with researchers, prioritizing time out in the field and focusing on the significance of the research.

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