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Our Transfer Desk service helps our authors find the most appropriate journals for their sound articles after a rejection, guided by a team of subject-area experts who are also intimately familiar with our entire journal portfolio*. For you as an Editor, that means our Transfer Desk can help authors whose submissions you've rejected find the most suitable home for their article. 

Interview with Louisa Flintoft, Editorial Director

Interview with Louisa Flintoft, Editorial Director

This is what it is:

What is the Transfer Desk?

The Transfer Desk is a team of subject experts, familiar with their fields and with Springer Nature's journals in those fields, who help match article submissions to the right journals to publish them. For you as an Editor, the Transfer Desk helps send suitable, quality submissions to you; and helps you provide better service to authors so you don't have to just reject articles that don't fit your journal. 

How can you benefit from the Transfer Desk?

The Transfer Desk can help simplify your editorial processes, making it easy to reject articles that don't fit with your journal and helping authors find the most suitable home. So you can feel comfortable sending sound submissions on for transfer quickly, knowing that our Transfer Desk Editors will do the hard work of transferring over the author's files. 

This is how it works:

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Transfer offer

You reject a manuscript. By default, this will send the manuscript to the Transfer Desk, and the editorial staff at the Transfer Desk will reach out to the author. However, you can proactively choose to reject a manuscript without transfer for any reason. You always have the option to reject without transfer. 

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Propose suitable journals

An Editorial Advisor—who has expertise in your field—analyzes the manuscript and proposes one or more suitable journals, and sends those recommendations to the author.

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Authors' decision

The author lets us know the journal they would like to submit their manuscript to.

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Submission assistance

The Transfer Desk will assist the authors with the submission to their journal-of-choice. The Transfer Desk helps the author with sending their manuscript and other files to the receiving journal's Editor.

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Receiving transfers

The manuscript arrives at the receiving journal for editorial assessment. 


*The Transfer Desk is primarily available for journals using Editorial Manager, please contact your Springer Nature editor for more information. Please note that assistance with a submission to another journal does not guarantee acceptance. Choosing to consider a transferred manuscript does not bind you to accepting it, nor to considering existing reviewer reports. You maintain total editorial control. 

Frequently asked questions

How does the Transfer Desk work?

Please note that assistance with a submission to another journal does not guarantee acceptance. The Transfer Desk only helps authors to submit their work to another journal in an easy and convenient way. Please note that receiving a transferred submission does not obligate you to either accept or review the submission.

How do I follow up on a transfer offer?

You can process the transferred submission as you would any other submission, with the additional benefit that in some cases the transferring journal may make reviewer reports available to you. If so, you may consider those reports; ignore those reports; or use them in conjunction with your own reviewer reports.  

Will you recommend open access journals that require the payment of an article-processing charge (APC)?

The Transfer Desk team may consider open access journals as well as subscription journals when selecting and suggesting suitable destination journals. Most journals offer open access publication, either as an option (hybrid-OA) or as a full-OA journal. If you have a preference for subscription, full-OA, or hybrid-OA please let us know upon submission. 

To help authors discover and apply for funding for OA article-processing charges, we offer a free open access funding support service, providing lists of APC funding options and personalized email support. In addition to this free service, we have an APC waiver policy across our fully open access journals for authors that do not have access to sufficient funding. You can find more details here.

“The service was quick, so it saved me time of looking for good relevant and good quality journal and manually resubmitting my paper. I would like to thank you very much for this new service and I really hope that you'll keep it.”

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