Nano – fast insight into nanotechnology

The use of nanotechnology for R&D purposes in pharma and biotechnology has seen rapid growth. However, the highly interdisciplinary nature of nanosciences has meant finding exact and relevant information is even more important and indispensable in the product development chain which usually takes a long time in the industry. There are many nanomaterials characteristics such as size, structure and composition which affect their performance both in vivo and in vitro. In many cases researchers need to find information about different synthesis and characterization methods of similar nanomaterials. This is also a difficult and time consuming task, using existing search tools and databases. 

What is Nano & how it resolves challenges

Nano at is a multidisciplinary research solution that gathers data related to nanotechnology. For diverse range of pharma and biotech projects Nano helps researchers to find information about nanomaterials for a specific application area, size range or particular property. It helps overcome the difficulties in finding information about similar nanomaterials by offering manually curated summaries of nanomaterials information. The information within summaries is highly structured enabling precise yet easy discovery of properties, characterization and synthesis methods with all entries linked to the original sources.

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