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Publishing a book is a significant milestone in the career of a researcher. It is also a considerable, demanding undertaking. Understanding the complex book publishing journey and being prepared for what it involves is key to a smoother experience.  

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What do the course modules cover?

Module 1: The initial stages

Learn who’s involved in the book publication process, the benefits of open access, and what to know before signing your contract.

Module 2: Preparing and submitting your manuscript

Everything you need to know about writing, submitting, and formatting your manuscript.

Module 3: Author services

Explore tools, resources, and services from Springer Nature to support you through the book publication process.

Module 4: Getting your book noticed

How does Springer Nature market your book, and how you can promote it yourself.

Module 5: Research in support of the Sustainable Development goals (SDGs)

Your work can contribute to the advancement of the SDGs. Find out how and why it matters.

Even if this won’t be your first time publishing a book, you can benefit from getting the essential information rounded up for you, to prepare for this considerable undertaking.

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