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Read our 2017 article collection on groundbreaking scientific findings that can help humanity and protect our planet

With Springer Nature’s vast library of research, we recognize that world-changing articles may be out there, just waiting for the right combination of minds to make a critical connection. 

That’s why we’ve created the “Change the World, One Article at a Time” initiative. We’ve asked the Editors-in-Chief of Springer Nature journals across disciplines to select the scientific findings published in 2016 that they believe could have the greatest impact on society’s most pressing problems.
Spread the word about this campaign and share articles with your peers and colleagues, so we can all do our bit to raise awareness, further discussions and drive forward developments to address the challenges of our time: help to change the world!

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The inspiration for the Change the World initiative

In the interview with Ulrike Graiff, Marketing Director Springer Nature, hear why we launched this initiative and are proudly presenting 180 must-read articles across all disciplines that could help change the world! 

With this initiative, we not only want to support authors who are tackling today’s global challenges to facilitate real change, we also hope to promote a sense of community among our publishing partners and customers, and show that we can make a difference – one article at a time.

Celebrating the most-clicked article in last year’s Change the World campaign

Watch the interview with Prof. Takeuchi, Editor-in-Chief of Sustainability Science, who nominated the article which was most-clicked in our 2016 campaign. Listen to why he chose this article and how the findings it presents will help change the world. 

In recognition of the article’s impact, we are pleased to offer free access until the end of July 31, 2017.

Congratulations to the winning article: Socially sustainable degrowth as a social–ecological transformation: repoliticizing sustainability​​​​​​​

This is an excellent opportunity to review articles from the previous year and find the one with the highest practical relevance (based on our personal assessment). We hope to see this campaign continued in future years!

Jürgen Symanzik, Editor-in-Chief, "Computational Statistics"

This is a terrific initiative! It provided a broad perspective on a variety of key issues in which papers …from so many fields are making a difference.

Otávio Bueno, Professor and Chair, Editor-in-Chief, Synthese

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