Publishing in english

Maximise the accessibility of research

English is used as the universal language of research. This allows researchers from all over the world to communicate with each other and to discover new findings in their respective fields. 

Publishing in English allows you to reach the broadest possible audience for your work, and helps to connect you with other researchers, funders and policy holders. At Springer Nature, we want to help researchers strengthen their skills in English language writing, so that they can communicate their research more effectively. 

  • We have free tutorials and guides on writing your paper and correcting common mistakes
  • We also offer professional language editing services, where editors work on your paper to improve the written language - with 10% discount on your first purchase

Professional language editing services

Professional editing services can be used to ensure the English language is clear and well written in a paper, grant, thesis or any other academic document. Two such services are provided by Nature Research Editing Services and our affiliates American Journal Experts (AJE).

The services we recommend are always independent from the Editorial and peer-review process. It is not communicated with journal editors if a language editing service has been used on a manuscript (though authors may wish to disclose this themselves). 

Benefits for authors:

  • Uses high quality editors with a research or clinical background in your subject area
  • Helps you to communicate research more effectively to editors, reader and reviewers
  • Saves you time and work in preparing your manuscript for publication
  • Allows editors and reviewers to focus on evaluating the research in your paper without being distracted by its readability

Benefits for editors:

  • Increases of language quality of the manuscripts you receive
  • Allows you and your reviewers to focus on reviewing the research content of the paper
  • Makes review and production processes easier and faster

Nature Research Editing Service is part of Springer Nature Author Services. It is a service provided by Nature Research, publisher of Nature and Scientific American, and available to all researchers. 

For enquiries or support, please contact 

10% discount on your first editing service

As a benefit for publishing with Springer Nature, authors are entitled to receive a 10% discount on their first submission to either Nature Research Editing Service, or American Journal Experts. Use the links on the right to receive the discount.

Note: The use of a language editing service is independent from the editorial process, is not a requirement for publication in a Springer Nature journal and does not imply or guarantee that the article will be selected for peer review or publication.