It was another big year for the research community, filled with groundbreaking research and technological advances. As we start 2020, take a look back and review some of the impactful work from the Chemistry programme.

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Insights from the Editorial Team

Here we would like to celebrate another year of vibrant research in chemistry and materials science by presenting some of the most highly downloaded journal articles and books published under the Springer, Nature Research, and BMC imprints. In 2019 we have seen how these fields continue to be at the frontier of science and technology and have allowed us to adapt ideas into reality. 

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We have seen how advancements in sensing and biomaterials have transformed medical care needs. Nanomaterials and electrochemistry have advanced solar and fuel-cell technologies and answered our urgent need for more sustainable and efficient energy production and storage. Bio-inspired membranes and nanostructures have offered hope in providing clean water to the growing world population and how the application of machine learning and artificial intelligence in these fields aims to provide opportunities for solving complex global challenges. In fact 2019 also marked the publication of our first machine-generated book on Lithium-Ion Batteries, demonstrating that the applications of machine learning not only provide opportunities in the lab, through automated platforms and robotics but also in how we communicate this research.

Of course the journal articles and books you find highlighted below only show a small selection of the exciting research taking place. However even this small selection underpins the importance of chemistry for a better future, both as an applied and fundamental science bridging the gap between theory and application to make a real impact on the world we live in.

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