2021 Mathematics

Researchers like you worldwide achieved countless inspirational breakthroughs in 2021. And you’ve chosen to publish many of those discoveries with Springer Nature. 

You’ll see some selected highlights of these breakthroughs below. Our Editors—who in the course of their daily work see nearly the entire range of published research—have chosen content they think will inspire your next work most.

A selection of 2021's highlighted research

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Insights from the Editorial Team

Marc Strauss, Editorial Director - Journals

We continue to be grateful to all of our authors, editors, referees, and readers for their abiding support, loyalty, and hard work during these extraordinary times. Pandemic or no pandemic aside, 2021 has been an unprecedented year for our portfolio related to the volume of articles that we have published and their usage, and we are proud that with your help and perseverance that we continue to publish some of the most seminal results and advances in the mathematics literature in general. 

In 2021, we celebrated the publication of the 100th article in Partial Differential Equations and Applications, and we continue to strive to develop this important journal in innovative ways, including through our bi-weekly webinar series that is presented under the auspices of the journal. We also published two special issues this year in The Mathematical Intelligencer and Journal of Dynamics and Differential Equations that commemorated the lives and mathematical legacies of two of the community’s most important and beloved researchers and educators, John Conway and Walter Craig. 2021 has also been a year of important new beginnings as the first articles for our latest journals, La Matematica and Sampling Theory, Signal Processing, and Data Analysis, have published this year. 

Finally, we are also proud to welcome our partners Bolyai Institute/University of Szeged and Diogenes Co. and their journals Acta Scientiarum Mathematicarum and Fractional Calculus and Applied Analysis to our family of Birkhäuser and Springer journals.

Thomas Hempfling, Editorial Director - Books

We are happy to see that a growing number of conferences takes place in hybrid or even full presence mode, that universities open their doors to students, and that many researchers are again able to talk in person. 

We, of course, continue to support this with publications, such as several new volumes in the Ergebnisse series, the pandemic-related essays and experiences in the Mathematics Online First Collection, the Eigenbook in our Pathways series, the first volumes of the recently started Latin American Mathematics Series, or the first Open Access textbooks in the Graduate Texts in Mathematics series. Or browse through the Handbook of the Mathematics of the Arts of Sciences and read in Step into the World of Mathematics why math is beautiful and belongs to all of us!