It was another big year for the research community, filled with groundbreaking research and technological advances. As we start 2020, take a look back and review some of the impactful work from the Physics programme. 

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Insights from the Editorial Team

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Dr. Christoph Baumann, Editorial Director, Springer Books & Tom Spicer, Editorial Director, Springer Journals

In 2019, there were many significant breakthroughs in physics that will have an important impact on our future.  There were particularly exciting developments in the quantum world: IBM presented the first quantum computer system for commercial use and Google announced that its quantum processor had reached quantum supremacy and solved a problem in 200 seconds that would take a classic supercomputer 10,000 years to solve. The first teleportation of three-dimensional "qutrits" (a more complex 3D-version of qubits) was reported and physicists presented wonderful images of quantum entanglement. 

Not only in the quantum world has much happened in 2019. Scientists found a new distinctive light wave, named a Dyakonov-Voigt wave, the proton radius puzzle has (possibly) been solved, and electromagnetic waves have been shown to reverse the cognitive impairment caused by Alzheimer's disease. And in astrophysics history was made with the first image of a black hole.  

Therefore, we had a lot to work on again in 2019 and published plenty of new material across all fields of fundamental and applied physics. Not only have we published a lot of new literature – research papers, reviews and books - by physicists for physicists, but we also have a great book program for lay people who want to know more about current and emerging topics in the world of physics.

Become part of it! We look forward to working with you on exciting publication projects in 2020! Get in contact with us with any of your next publishing ideas.

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