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We are celebrating Pride this year by collecting the most relevant and recent research into LGBTQ+ issues from across Springer Nature (Springer & Palgrave). The aim of this research is to better understand and raise awareness that, in the end, might benefit the entire community. Scroll down to read 4 insightful original articles from our authors and editors and over 40 articles & chapters (combined) for free throughout June.

Happy Pride! 

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We've spoken to some of our authors, editors and contributors about their research, it's importance in addressing LGBTIQ+ equality, and the impact they hope it will have. Scroll down for articles and chapters picked by editors from Palgrave and Springer.

Leo Wilton

Leo Wilton

The Editor writes about the importance of addressing psychosocial support and mental health needs for Black Queer Youth

Helen Bowes-Catton & Sakura Byrne

Helen Bowes-Catton & Sakura Byrne

The contributor and researcher explore changing attitudes to gender and sexuality

Janice D. Yoder

Janice D. Yoder

The Editor-in-Chief on the misperceptions of sex harassment toward LGBTQ+ employees

Luis Navarro-Ayala

Luis Navarro-Ayala

The author discusses LGBTIQ+ People of Color and Migrants

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