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We advance research by supporting MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) instructors, book authors, academies and societies involved in developing the MOOC world.

Our global, differentiated approach can support MOOC players to foster this innovative teaching and learning environment. We are the first publisher in the world to offer a diversified approach: we integrate MOOCs and books, giving authors the unique opportunity to supplement their books with enhanced experiences such as videos and augmented reality. Moreover, registered MOOC students can buy our books at a discounted rate. Finally, we offer MOOCs in cooperation with universities and teachers on our learning platform iversity.org, thus providing completely new opportunities in the field of distance learning.

Let us show you how partnering with Springer Nature can benefit you

  • Authors are given the opportunity to publish enhanced textbooks featuring multimedia content and complementary to a MOOC.
  • Instructors can use certain content published by Springer Nature and licensed to the university: chapter/s, journal article/s within the MOOC and for the duration of the MOOC - provided that those materials can only be viewed and neither copied nor directly printed.
  • If the content used in the MOOC is licensed to the university organizing it, the MyCopy option is available for students who already have access to the content on SpringerLink.
  • Springer Nature also provides access to those parts of the content used in the MOOC to students not affiliated with the university, but registered for the MOOC.
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