Arctic change - featured articles from Nature Climate Change

Impact of 1, 2 and 4 °C of global warming on ship navigation in the Canadian Arctic

by Lawrence R. Mudryk, Jackie Dawson, Stephen E. L. Howell, Chris Derksen, Thomas A. Zagon & Mike Brady 

Light and energetics at seasonal extremes limit poleward range shifts

by Gabriella Ljungström, Tom J. Langbehn & Christian Jørgensen 

Coldest Canadian Arctic communities face greatest reductions in shorefast sea ice

by Sarah W. Cooley, Jonathan C. Ryan, Laurence C. Smith, Chris Horvat, Brodie Pearson, Brigt Dale & Amanda H. Lynch 

Future increases in Arctic lightning and fire risk for permafrost carbon

by Yang Chen, David M. Romps, Jacob T. Seeley, Sander Veraverbeke, William J. Riley, Zelalem A. Mekonnen & James T. Randerson 

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