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Highlighted Articles

The hidden potential of urban horticulture
Nature Food

Urban water and food security in this century and beyond: Resource-smart cities and residents

Eating-out behaviors, associated factors and associations with obesity in Chinese school children: findings from the childhood obesity study in China mega-cities
European Journal of Nutrition

Exploring the transformative potential of urban food
npj Urban Sustainability

Coupled social and land use dynamics affect dietary choice and agricultural land-use extent
Communications Earth & Environment

Circular Economy and Its Relevance for Improving Food and Nutrition Security in Sub-Saharan Africa: the Case of Ghana
Materials Circular Economy

Supply chain diversity buffers cities against food shocks

A Multi-Objective Optimization Approach for Water–Energy–Food Grids in Isolated Communities
Process Integration and Optimization for Sustainability

Ecological performance evaluation of urban agriculture in Beijing based on temperature and fractional vegetation cover
Urban Ecosystems

Current status and future challenges in implementing and upscaling vertical farming systems
Nature Food

The time is ripe for ESG + Nutrition: evidence-based nutrition metrics for Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) investing
European Journal of Clinical Nutrition

Seeding Insights and Nourishing Change: a Case for Participatory Evaluation in Place-Based Community Food Systems
International Journal of Community Well-Being

Fishing in the city for food—a paradigmatic case of sustainability in urban blue space
npj Urban Sustainability

Mediating Knowledge Co-Production for Inclusive Governance and Delivery of Food, Water and Energy Services in African Cities
Urban Forum

Massively reducing food waste could feed the world
Scientific American

Integrating Food Sensitive Planning and Urban Design into Urban Governance Actions
Urban Forum

Urbanization can benefit agricultural production with large-scale farming in China
Nature Food

Analyzing values-based modes of production and consumption: Community-supported agriculture in the Austrian Third Food Regime
Österreichische Zeitschrift für Soziologie

Topical Collections

Topical Collections now open for submission

Chemistry: Food Chemistry–Food Technology: Chemistry and Biochemistry of Foods and Food Processing (SN Applied Sciences)

- Sustainable Food Systems and Urban Food Policies (Discover Sustainability) Submission deadline 23 April 2023

Recently Published Topical Collections

Health-Promoting Bioactives from Foods of Plant Origin - Update and Challenges Ahead (Discover Food)

Resilient and Sustainable Food Production Systems (Discover Food)

Food transformations in African secondary cities (Discover Sustainability)

Blue Food (Discover Sustainability)

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