Highlighted Articles

Do Corporate Customers Prefer Socially Responsible Suppliers? An Instrumental Stakeholder Theory Perspective

from Journal of Business Ethics


A sustainable thermochemical conversion of animal biomass to N-heterocycles

from Collagen and Leather


Collaborative approaches in sustainable and resilient manufacturing

from Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing


Comparing the environmental impact of reusable and disposable dental examination kits: a life cycle assessment approach

from British Dental Journal

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Municipal green waste as substrate for the microbial production of platform chemicals

from Bioresources and Bioprocessing


Supply chain management with uncertainty in consumer perception of product greenness under an eco-label policy

from Scientific Reports

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A new deep learning architecture with inductive bias balance for transformer oil temperature forecasting

from Journal of Big Data


China’s bulk material loops can be closed but deep decarbonization requires demand reduction

from Nature Climate Change

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Determinants of household electricity consumption in Greece: a statistical analysis

from Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneuership


Competition vs cooperation: renewable energy investment under cap-and-trade mechanisms

from Financial Innovation


Mucor circinelloides: a model organism for oleaginous fungi and its potential applications in bioactive lipid production

from Microbial Cell Factories

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Strategies of pretreatment of feedstocks for optimized bioethanol production: distinct and integrated approaches

from Biotechnology for Biofuels and Bioproducts

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The UN Sustainable Development Goals and Fire Technology

from Fire Technology

Highlighted Chapters

Sustainable Circularity

from Decarbonization as a Route Towards Sustainable Circularity


Management Supply Chains Electric Vehicle Battery Recycling

from Circular Economy for Renewable Energy


At the Crossroad: The Circular Economy Within the Broader Picture

from The Circular Economy


CO2 Capture and Utilization

from Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction


Financial Literacy for Promoting Sustainability

from Financial Inclusion in Circular Economy


Materials and Methods

from Circular Economy in Emergency Houseing


Spanish Regulations and European Standardization: Driving Transformation

from Sustainable Renovation of Buildings


Securing Planetary Health and Sustainable Food Systems with Global Organic Agriculture: Best Practice from Austria

from Case Studies on sustainability in the Food Industry


‘Take a Stand’: The Importance of Social Sustainability and Its Effect on Generation Z Consumption of Luxury Fashion Brands

from Sustainable Luxury

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A Theoretical Framework for the Influence of Green Marketing Communication on Consumer Behaviour in Emerging Economies

from Green Marketing in Emerging Economies

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Sustainability and the Supply Chain

from Fashion Marketing in Emerging Economies Volume I

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Urban Mining and Circular Economy in South Africa: Waste as a Resource for New Generation of Hybrid Materials

from Waste Management in Developing Countries


Waste-to-Energy Technologies

from Hazardous Waste Management 


Rural Paradigm Shift and New Social Movements in the European Union

from Rural Economic Developments and Social Movements

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Design Sustainable Products in a Circular Economy Context

from Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Water Energy Food and Sustainability (ICoWEFS 2022)


Collected Plastic Waste Forecasting by 2050

from Plastic Waste Treatment and Management


Innovative and Sustainable Production Processes for Biosurfactants

from Advancements in Biosurfactants Research


Conversion of Carbon Monoxide to Chemicals Using Microbial Consortia

from One-Carbon Feedstocks for Sustainable Bioproduction


Recent Innovations and Practices in Geotechnical Engineering for Sustainable Infrastructure Development

from Geohazard Mitigation


A Review on Plastic Waste Assessment and Its Potential Use as Building Construction Material

from Sustainable Urban Architecture


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